Climbing equipment list for mountain climbing in Nepal

Mountain Climbing equipment list Himalayas

Mountain climbing equipment list Himalaya

Base Camp Excursion, Kathmandu, Nepal will provide you with a comprehensive list of necessities. High quality peak climbing and Expedition gear is difficult to get in Nepal, so if you are coming from abroad, don’t depend too much on local purchase. Climbing gears in the Himalayas depends on altitude how high you are going or how far you are going from village. Some essential List of the climbing gear are listed below, cross check this list with what you are packing.

Mountain climbing equipment list

1.    Climbing boots
2.    Crampons
3.    Ice axe
4.    Harness
5.    Rope
6.    Karabiners
7.    Ice screws
8.    Ice hammer
9.    Snow bars
10.    Dead men
11.    Tapes/slings
12.    Rock pegs
13.    Helmet (crash hat)
14.    Warm climbing trousers
15.    Long cotton hiking shirts
16.    Waterproof climbing jacket
17.    Gaiters
18.    Lightweight thermal/ insulated ski gloves
19.    Trekking boots (water proof)
20.    Camp shoes or Sandal
21.    Beanie
22.    Water bottle
23.    Sewing kit
24.    Swiss army knife
25.    Personal towel
26.    Sun hat
27.    Light cotton athletic
28.    Socks and woolen climbing socks
29.    Long sleeved cotton/woolen shirts
30.    T-shirts
31.    Wool long underwear
32.    Down high altitude sleeping bag
33.    Sleeping pad
34.    Down jacket/ trousers/vest
35.    Climbing sunglasses
36.    Sunscreen
37.    Lip salve
38.    Lightweight fleece
39.    Fleece/wool for climbing
40.    Descenders
41.    Ascenders
42.    Head torch /batteries/bulbs

Given climbing equipment list is suggested and essential for peak climbing in Nepal, Himalayan region. Some of the climbing equipment’s can be hired or bought in adventure shops in Kathmandu. Please remember that you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum. At the start of peak climbing your packed trekking bag should weigh not more than 33 pounds or 15 kg. Personal belongings of climber like water bottle, rain gear, camera, sun cream and toilet paper etc should have to carry by your own so, pack these items in separate bag. If you need more information about Mountaineering equipment fell free to contact us.