Blackbuck conservation area

Blackbuck conservation area tours & travel guide for tourism
Blackbuck conservation area is established to conserve the endangered Black-buck (Antelope cervicapra cervicapra). Main attraction of this conservation area is endangered Black Buck. Get to know about the blackbuck conservation area, a beautiful place for the endangered antelopes. Among all endangered species, blackbuck is one of them. The government has reserved a special place for their conservation and welfare. Thus, the black buck conservation area was the first attempt at creating and conserving a unique animal. This area covers around 15.95 sq. km. this particular animal falls among one of the very first animals to be protected by the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1973. Main attraction of this conservation area is endangered Black Buck.
Why does it need conservation?
This population of blackbuck is the last lot in the northern most region of the world. This species has been registered in CITES under the appendix II. Now, you might question where this reserve is situated? Well, Blackbuck conservation area is declared one of the primary regions for the preservation of this grazing antelope by the Nepal government.
In the year of 1975, the population of this popular yet endangered species had gone down to 9. However, due to consistent efforts of preserving this endangered species, the numbers had increased to 177 by the year of 1990.
Human interference due to loss of habitat and
It has been observed that due to the harmful practices of human beings, the threats towards these species are increasing day by day. And thus, by this kind of interference, the fauna life is becoming endangered. The blackbuck conservation area is a region which is situated quite far from humankind, thus, cannot be easily interfered by the humans. Due to loss of habitat other biotic interference such as degradation the population of this species had gone down to some extent.

Blackbuck conservation area action plan

It was in the year of 2007 when this conservation action plan was prepared. However, it was a very lengthy and awaited procedure. Now, a blackbuck is an antelope which frequently requires food and thus, they must situate themselves somewhere from where they can easily avail any kind of waterfall. This species is nearly extinct in Bangladesh. This animal is native to Indian land, but somehow due to lack of knowledge, they could not be reserved.
Thus, the government of Nepal made an attempt to reserve this beautiful grazing antelope by creating a blackbuck conservation area. If you need more information or would like to explore and research about Black bucks fell free to contact us.