Dhorpatan hunting reserve for sports trophy hunting in Nepal

Gurja Himal from Dhorpatan hunting reserve

Dhorpatan hunting reserve is for sports trophy hunting in Nepal

Dhorpatan hunting reserve is the only one hunting reserve of Nepal covers an area 1325 sq. km, 3 districts (Rukum, Myagdi, and Baglung), lies in the western part of Nepal below the Dhaulagiri range. Reserve is categorized by alpine, sub- alpine and high temperate vegetation. it is famous for popular for sports trophy hunting in Nepal the Himalayas.

Common plants species include fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, Juniper, spruce and up to 36 species of flora. Endangered animals in the reserve are musk deer, wolf red panda, cheer pheasant etc.

Dhorpatan hunting reserve tourism

Wildlife hunting
Dhorpatan trek                            Jaljala pass trek
Lower dolpo trek                        Guerrilla trek
Around Dhaulagiri trek          Dhaulagiri trek

Hunting reserve is to offers sport hunting, blue sheep hunting is challenging, breathtaking sport trophy hunting. controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and certain seasons of the year. Game license is issued by the Department of National Parks and wildlife conservation in Kathmandu and there are a few hunting outfitters who can make arrangements for expeditions.

It was established in 1983. The major ethics groups of this region are Magar, Thakali, Brahmin, Chettri , Sunar and Tibetian. Dhorpatan hunting reserve is the perfect destination for Adventure tours like trekking, hiking, tours, climbing, mountaineering etc. If you need more information about Dhorpatan reserve fell free to contact us.