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Excursion in Nepal and Hiking in Nepal is unique experience because Nepal is a hiker’s paradise. Mountain hiking is an excursion to explore naturally Nepal. Excursion in foot hills of Himalayas is an impeccable way to explore the magnificent views of Himalayas. Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails most beautiful places can be reached by foot. There are many hiking trails to arrange hiking and trekking tours in Nepal according to your desire. If you are interested in any of these hiking or trekking excursion and vacations in Nepal, please contact us with any questions for ordering free brochures or booking hiking packages in Nepal. Hiking lovers will definitely have a good time in Nepal. Hiking is the perfect way to observe nature and admire the landscape; Nepal is a superb place for hiking year round.
Hiking in Nepal can be done on Himalayan trails that enable you to explore a great variety of landscapes. Obviously, the majority of hikers prefer the Himalayan region. We provide tips and information regarding hiking in the Himalayas foot hills of Nepal. This might particularly come in handy in case you have never hiked in mountain areas before. A number of tips are about safety. There’s a reason for that: Hikers turn out to be involved in accidents more frequently than people who practice extreme sports. That’s because this group of mountaineers is, on average, quite inexperienced and pays less attention to security.
Himalaya’s foot hills are the best supported hiking destination in the world. There are splendid places in Nepal which offer great hiking options. This section concentrates on day hikes, and many of these can be easily done as a weekend day-trip. Most of the day walks are done at any time of year. For those who can spare just two or three days of walking time, there are some pretty good hiking options available in Nepal specially Pokhara hiking, Kathmandu hiking, Everest hiking. There are numerable options for hiking in Himalayan region, Nepal provide wonderful areas for professional Hiking excursions. Some popular places for hiking in Nepal are Everest hiking, Annapurna hiking, Pokhara hiking, Kathmandu hiking etc.
Nepal hiking tours is an opportunity to see the beauty of land and experience the warmth of its people. Nepal is a south Asia naturally beautiful county and world second largest country in water resources, Nepal exemplifies all that a memorable travel experience, Nepal is a land of extraordinary unforgettable lifetime memories. When you involve hiking in Nepal the lush green orchards, beautiful woodland, picturesque sites, beautiful flora and fauna familiar with you. If you are a person who loves walking and exploring should go hiking in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal is fun as you can enjoy the scenery around you as you walk around the rural or wild areas of Nepal. Hiking is fun at the mountainous regions of Nepal. Hiking trails does not need previous experience of walking. Our experience hiking guide assists you on hiking trails to make your hiking package Nepal easier better and forever memorable. Some popular hiking packages of Nepal are given below find the perfect hiking package, if you need more information about excursion in Nepal fell free to contact us.

Popular Hiking Packages Nepal
Everest hiking Annapurna hiking
Nagarkot hiking Pokhara hiking
Kathmandu hiking