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ightseeing in Lumbini attractions Nepal is an opportunity to explore the Lumbini sightseeing places and Buddhism related tourist attractions. Splendid places Lumbini famous all over the earth as birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini has a lot to offer to the travelers. This place which in is one of the greatest pilgrimage site for the Buddhists falls in Nepal’s Terai plains.

It is worth mentioning that Lumbini has been granted the status of World Heritage site (Culture) by UNESCO. Sacred Lumbini Garden is one of the most popular destinations of Lumbini as this is the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. The commemorative pillar which was erected by Emperor Ashoka of India of the Mauryan dynasty when he visited this holy site in 249 BC is the major highlight of Sacred Garden.Lumbini tour - Maya Devi Temple

The sacred garden which is spread over 9 km as the spot where the Enlightened One was born is identified by the inscription of the Ashoka Pillar. Mayadevi Temple is visited by many Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world and here the exact spot where Gautam Buddha was born is shown by the “marker stone” revealed by the excavations.

Mayadevi Temple has two stunning panels, one in stone which is the older one while the other being in marble. There is a tank outside the temple and in the faint sun, the water of this tank shines and Queen Mayadevi had her bath here prior to the delivery and here only the first purification bath was taken by Prince Siddhartha.

During sightseeing city tour Lumbini you can catch glimpse all pilgrimage sites and local peoples. Monastic zones where various countries have built temples as well as monasteries which depict various sects of Buddha lie to the north of the Sacred Garden. The shiny gold and white structure that bears resemblance to Shwe-dagon Pagoda of Yangon is the Myanmar Temple.

If you want to see the replica of the Swayambhu Stupa of Kathmandu then it is the International Gautami Nuns Temple. A complex of pagodas, prayer rooms and meditation cells is the China Temple which is built by the Buddhist Association of China. A 41- m tall structure which has four different Buddha statues which are set into the stupa’s dome facing the four cardinal directions is the Japan Peace Stupa which is built by Nippon Jon Kyohoji of Japan.

Archaeologists have identified Tilaurakot as Kapilvastu’s capital and it is believed that the first 29 years of his princely life were spent in Tilaurakot by Gautam Buddha and this is situated at distance of 27 km to Lumbini’s west. Kapilvastu is known for its historic significance as here there are ruins and mounds of old stupas along with monasteries.

King Suddhodhan met Lord Buddha for the first time after coming back from his enlightenment at Kudan which is situated at about 4.5 km from Tilaurakot. This is the place where Lord Buddha was being presented the Kasaya which is the yellow robe worn by monks. Lord Buddha presented the Kasaya to his son Rahul here only. Krakuchanda Buddha who preceded Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Gothihawa which is about 5 km from Tilaurakot. You can see remains of broken Ashoka pillar as well as relics over here.

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Kanakmani Buuddha was born in Niglihawa which is aobut 8 kms from Tilaurakot. Remains of a broken Ashoka pillar can be seen here also. The maternal home of Mayadevi and capital of the Koliya Kingdom is Devdaha which is situated at 35 km to Lumbini’s northeast. Gautam Buddha spent his childhood at this place. Identified by the archaeologists as the “Palace of the Massacre of the Shakyas” by the invading forces is the forest site Sagarhawa.

You can undertake Lumbini village tour as you discover the villages around Lumbini sightseeing and get to know Nepal’s Terai (plain region) culture. Bird watching opportunities are offered by wetland areas, lakes as well as ponds.
If you want to see Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, stone as well as metal sculptures and terra-cotta pieces, you can visit Lumbini Museum.

Thousands of books on religion, philosophy, art as well as architecture are found in Lumbini International Research Institute and research facilities for the study of Buddhism and also religion in general are offered here. 27 km west of Lumbini is Kapilvastu Museum in the village of Tilaurakot. Shanti Stupa in Lumbini is another attraction here.

The brick mound which is on the bank of Jharahi River is Ramagrama and this is a high brick stupa which consists of relic of Lord Buddha and is seven meters in height and was built by King of Ramagrama. Aroarakot is a rectangular fortified area which is situated about 10 kms to the northwest of Taulihawa.
So Lumbini is filled with many amazing travel destinations ad you would surely have a great time exploring this wonderful place to discover the history of Lumbini. Base Camp Excursion arrange day and multi days sightseeing in Lumbini Nepal year round.

Lumbini sightseeing tour itinerary

7:00 A.M: Wake up, freshen up when was buddha born near Pushkarini and bodhi tree lumdini where Buddha was born

7:30 AM: Breakfast at hotel

8:15 A.M: Agency representative introduce with city guide and briefing about upcoming sightseeing program at hotel by the tour guide.

8:45 AM: Drive to Mayadevi temple, Pushkarini, Ashoka pillar, Lumbini garden, monastic zone Shanti stupa, international museum, peace flame etc. in between sightseeing in Lumbini short break about 45 minute for lunch.

4:30 PM: Drive back to Hotel (Lumbini travel guide)

Given schedule of Lumbini sightseeing tours designed to combine all prominent places to visit in Lumbini and fixed departure dates for group joining travelers. To visit all sightseeing spots of Lumbini area related with Buddhism require minimum 3 days, in given itinerary only covered major attractions of the Lumbini. If you would like to visit all places in Lumbini let us to know we are happy to organize a private day trip according to your desire.