Essential Mountain biking gears checklist must have before go

Mountain biking gear list

Mountain biking gear and equipment

Mountain biking gear list provides the necessary preparation of the Mountain bike gear and equipment. Mountain biking Nepal offers an environmentally sound way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape and living heritage. Nepal is the world’s number one adventure playground for mountain bikers.Mountain Biking

Many riders will carry a backpack, including a water bladder, containing all the essential tools and equipment for trail side repairs, and many riders also carry emergency supplies in the case of injury miles from outside help. Some essential mountain biking equipment’s are listed below check given biking gear list before departing to mountain biking in Nepal.

Mountain biking gear list / equipment’s

1.    Mountain bike
2.    Helmet
3.    Padded cycling gloves
4.     Elbow, knee and shin pads
5.    Energy food /Snacks
6.    Water bottle
7.    Biking glasses (Eye protection)
8.    Cycling clothes
9.    Sun Screen
10.    Personal medication
11.    Small rucksack
12.    Notebook and pen
13.    Spare Tube
14.    Tire pump
15.    Headlight
16.    First Aid Kit
17.    Repairing toolkit
18.    Map
19.    Biking Shoes
20.    Rain coat
21.    Toilet Paper
22.    Knife

Before departing to mountain biking you have to check your mountain bike properly then make sure given Mountain Biking Equipments and Equipment ready and make your mountain biking trip to Nepal memorable forever with base camp trekking.