Rara national park

Rara national park Nepal
Rara National park filled with wonderful travel attractions of the Himalayas. National park covers an area 106 sq. km; buffer zone 198 sq. km spreads in Mugu and Jumla districts north western part of Nepal. Rara national park is established in 1976 to conserve the unique beauty of Lake Rara and to protect the flora and fauna. Its unique culture of Humla-Jumla region, alpine and sub-alpine ecology of Himalayas make trip to Rara national park worthwhile. Rara National park is covered with coniferous forest while the area around the lake is dominated by blue pine.

Tourism in Rara national park

Rara lake trek                        Badi malika trek
Limi valley trek                     Lower dolpo trek
Upper dolpo trek                Dolpo trekking
Rara is the smallest national park of Nepal, containing the country’s biggest lake 10.8 sq. km and scenically the most beautiful lake at an elevation of 2999m. It covers the elevation 2800m to 4039 m the Chuchemara peak in southern side of Rara Lake. Rara national park consists of 1074 species of flora like pine, walnut, willow, oak, poplar and cypress, 51 species of mammals like blue sheep and ghoral, musk deer, leopard, wild dog, wolf, marmot, weasel, rhesus, Tibetan sheep, Tibetan wild ass, Tibetan gazelle and antelope, and wild yak, 272 species of birds like Impeyan and cheer Pheasant, chough, raven, Tibet an snow cock, Tibetan twit, brown dipper are recorded.
Protect the unique flora and fauna of the Humla–Jumla area government established the national park. The climate of national park in summer is pleasant. It becomes very cold during winter. Best time of the year to explore Rara Lake is September, October, November in autumn and March, April, may in spring season. National park is the perfect destination for trekking, hiking, climbing, botanical tour and bird watching etc. If you need more information or tours and travel guide for tourism in Rara national park fell free to contact us.