Sailung trekking in Dolakha to explore 100 smaller hills

Sailung - Sailung trekking On request 12 Days
Sailung trekking Nepal Sailung trek is the unexplored trekking destination of Nepal, it is less crowded easy hiking area of Nepal. Sailung trekking is named after hundred smaller hills, there are one hundred smaller hills are surrounding with Sailung so
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Bhairav Kunda trek details to visit holy site of Shamans in Himalaya

Bhairav kunda - Bhairav kunda trek On request 13 Days
Bhairav kunda trekking to holy site for Shamans Bhairav kunda trek is the unexplored and less crowded trekking destination of Nepal. Bhairav kunda is located in the Eastern part of Nepal; named after a destructive name of lord Shiva the
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Tashi lapcha pass trek Rolwaling to Khumbu via Tsho Rolpa Lake

Drolambau Glacier way to Tashi lapcha pass trek On request 16 Days
Tashi Lapcha pass trek with Parchamo peak climbing Tashi Lapcha pass trek is in the Rolwaling region of Nepal and it is a very challenging trek. This trekking route combines Rolwaling valley and Khumbu valley provides an opportunity to explore
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Kalinchowk trek cost to visit Kalinchok Bhagawati temple Dolakha

kalinchok bhagawati temple Dolakha Kalinchowk trek On request 13 Days
Kalinchowk trekking in Dolakha Kalinchowk trekking belongs to the Rolwaling trekking region. This trek is lies in the eastern part of Nepal and is known for its immense natural beauty. Those who go for the Kalinchowk trekking can enjoy panoramic
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Panch Pokhari trek map to discover 5 Lakes of Himalayas

Panch pokhari - Panch pokhari trek On request 15 Days
Panch Pokhari trek to sacred lakes The Panch pokhari trek is one among the newly opened and less explored trekking trails located in Sindhupalchok district in Nepal. While the trekking is towards the base of Jugal Himal to the north-east
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Gaurishankar Rolwaling valley trek to Tso Rolpa Lake Nepal

Rolwaling valley the Rolwaling valley trek On request 16 Days
Rolwaling valley trek overview Rolwaling valley trekking decorated with unique environment and exceptionally rich in bio-diversity which makes this region one of the finest tourist destinations. This area is located in the east-central part of Nepal alongside the Tibetan border,
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