Experience Amazing Zip Flyer Pokhara – ZipFlyer Nepal

Zip Flyer Nepal – Zip Flyer Pokhara

Zip flyer Nepal is outdoor adventure recently introduce in Pokhara, Nepal which give you a bird’s-eye view of the forest, Mountains and surrounding scenery that can’t be viewed from the ground. When you visit Pokhara do not miss the challenging rope line adventure course or to enjoy the world’s most extreme zip line trip.

Nepal is a country with a gorgeous natural beauty. It is always pleasing to spend the holidays in Nepal. This country has a great tradition being followed in it. Besides the cultural fest that it gives people, it also entertains the youth with its adventurous sport. The ultimate sport of Nepal is trekking. It has 8 highest peaks which is about 8000m high in its altitude. People start at the Everest base camp and will explore the exciting trekking experience with fun.

Nepal has a lots and lots of risky sport that can be enjoyed. Some of the popular ones are Rock climbing, Rafting, Mountain climbing, Jungle walk, safari, Paragliding, Bungee jumping, Zip flyer and much more. Zip flyer Nepal is the tallest and steepest zip lines in the world; it has a vertical drop of 600m over 1.8km, It takes two minutes to reach from starting point to ending point, but in this time period, one experiences maximum adrenaline rush in body according to HGA.

To have a curious time in Nepal it is always great to take part in any of these activities so that one can have their best time of life in their visit to Nepal. Nepal being an awesome tourist destination can make people have a delightful time with its fabulous sports.
Zip flying is one of the flexible daring activities that are being added to the sports of Nepal recently. It is quite famous in the Pokhara. The zip flying practiced in Pokhara is highly extreme and is so thrilling to incident it. Flying high in the zip is so exciting even when it is being heard.

If a person wants to incident the exact zip flying with full fun and thrill, the right place is the Pokhara. Adventure sport zip flyer becoming popular vacation activity in Pokhara which offer the amazing views of the Himalayan peaks, picturesque landscape with thrill for adventurers in no time. Base Camp Excursion provides zip flyer price, adventure booking service, if you interested or need more information about zip flyer in Pokhara fell free to contact us