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Mountain biking in nepal

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Mountain biking in Nepal is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights of Himalayan kingdom Nepal. During the mountain biking in Nepal you can enjoy the exotic culture, rich flora, fauna, and naturally beautiful Nepal. For those thrilled by the steeper challenges when it comes to biking, Nepal is one of the best calls for you to test your limits as you will be busy trying to keep your breath in some of the highest peaks on earth as well as contemplating amazing landscapes with unique nature and beauty.

Home to the Himalayas mountains, Nepal is well known for trekking and hiking routes but the mountain biking in Nepal is surely something that will take you to rougher and privileged places where people only by feet would not be that much able or interested to go. The trip and the adventure here consists mostly on adventuring yourself. Nepal is the world’s number one adventure playground for mountain bikers to explore the Urban area and countryside.

Mountain biking is a great fun; the perfect way to discover Nepal’s great diverse landscape, of tremendous terrain, tracks and trails. The famous mountain biking trails in Nepal are given here that gives you in a life time experiences.

Mountain biking in Nepal packages

Kathmandu Pokhara biking                    Pokhara valley biking
Jomsom to Pokhara biking                      Kathmandu Nagarkot biking
Kathmandu valley biking                          Annapurna circuit biking
Kathmandu Dhulikhel biking

There are so many wonderful biking path known as Kathmandu valley biking tour, Pokhara valley biking tour, Mustang biking tour, Nagarkot biking tour and many more from where you explore beautiful mountain views, wonderful waterfall, lifestyle and culture of different communities such as Sherpas, Brahmins and Tamangs and so on. Nepal is a large zone of mountains where it is possible to perform mountain bike routes in a safe doable fashion. The more adventurous people should not try anything too much wild since the nature here is not the best of friends.

The great heights and the cold can make it difficult for biking if you are not prepared and specially if you get lost. The danger is not falling from a cliff but getting stuck without air and in the cold somewhere far from reach of help. The mountain range. the exotic plain areas, river beach, wander full hill, wild pine forest are the attraction of mountain biking in Nepal. Nepal offers some of the finest biking trails of Earth, an environmental friendly way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape and living heritage.

Agency dedicated to provide high quality mountain biking trips in dirt roads, single track biking trails to an astounding variety of terrain and some exotic destination in Nepal. It is not necessary to bring your own bike; good quality mountain bikes can easily be hired in Kathmandu and Pokhara with us. However, all the routes already popular here are as wild and adventurous as possible since the nature provides enough challenge and rewards all the time.

The trip starts in general on Kathmandu valley’s exploration. This is an important step for you to get used to the weather and how think the air is here. A biking ride around Kathmandu/ Pokhara valley is a must have for this adaptation as well as you will see beautiful nature inside this place and have the patience and time to take some of the best pictures of the trip. Around the Kathmandu valley the options for mountain biking are endless.

You can challenge yourself on long, hilly rides out on the valley rim or just explore the many temples and local villages in the lower valley. Some of the popular biking route and it’s detail are mention. Base camp excursion always loved to customize itinerary to provide you ultimate Himalayan mountain biking experience which you expect as per your budget, desire,and duration of holidays.