Sacred Boudhanath stupa travel guide Nepal with entrance fee

Boudhanath stupa

Sacred Boudhanath Stupa tours and travel guide

Are you a religious preacher and love visiting religious pilgrims? Then this Boudhanath stupa has been the ultimate search for you to visit today. Nepal has been popularly the best place for the religious journeys start up. It genuinely comprises of various temples being dedicated to Lord Shiva and his preachers. Sacred Boudhanath Stupa tours and travel guide

Boudhanath temple has basically been located centrally in the regions of Kathmandu. This temple had been the largest one among the entire temples being found across the world. This temple has been bypassing the Kathmandu region since the past decades. It had even been a myth that several number of Buddha’s has been incarnated there for holy peace of their soul.

Boudhanath is the holiest Buddhist site in Kathmandu Nepal, lies 11 KM East of Kathmandu and was built by Licchavis King Man Dev in the 5th century A. D. It has been the geographical area of that region that has the ability to make this place as a tourist spot of Nepal.

Thus, the rituals say that this palace like the temple of Boudhanath since the past decades has been quite a famous one among his followers. Preachers from all across the world come to pray from time to time. The height of this stupa has approximately been 118ft high. Thus, they are surrounded by a number of religions.

Boudhanath Stupa tours and travel guide for tourism

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Boudhanath stupa is a perfect pilgrimage for you to feel like heavenly! The atmosphere of the whole place lightens up with zest as fragrance of incense drifts through the air. Chanting of monks and creaking of prayer wheels can be heard while strolling around the base.

It is one of the prime sites for pilgrims and tourists in the country. Do plan a trip to Nepal such that you could surely visit the Boudhanath temple and make your visits meaningful. Kathmandu Bouddhanath is a cultural world heritage site declared by UNESCO. If you need more information about Boudhanath Stupa the fell free to contact us.