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Patan durbar square

Patan Durbar Square Lalitpur Nepal

Patan ,  Yala or  Lalitpur is popular for its rich tradition of arts and handicrafts. Ancient Patan city situated about five Km. southeast of Kathmandu. Patan city which has more than 1,200 Buddhist monuments of various shapes and size and temples, scattered in and around, Patan is indeed artistic. Patan Durbar Square Lalitpur Nepal

Patan city is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples with fine bronze gateways, guardian deities and magnificent carvings including stone carving, metal carving and wood carvings. Patan is believed to have been founded in the third century B.C. by the Kirat dynasty and later expanded by Licchavis in the sixth century. It was further expanded by the Mallas during the medieval period.

Patan is also known as Yala, It is said that King Yalamber, one of the rulers of Patan, named this city after himself, ever since this ancient city was known as Yala. Several historical records including many other legends also indicate that Patan is the oldest of all the cities of Kathmandu Valley. In 1768, King Prithvi Narayan Shah began his campaign to unify Nepal and Patan became a kingdom of Nepal.

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Bhaktapur durbar square travel guidePatan is a sub metropolitan city which is located in south western part of Kathmandu valley, total land area of Patan is 4.59 Sqkm.  Patan city offers Newari people culture and life style. Latitpur is rich city for tourism, cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Patan Durbar Square, Mahaboudha Temple, Kumbeshwor temple, Krishna Temple, Golden Temple or Hiranya Varna Mahavihar, Mulchowk, Jagat Narayan Temple, Big Bell, Pillar of Yognarendra Malla, Hari Shanker temple, Vishwanath temple, Bhimsen temple, Marga Hiti, Mani Mandap, Café Pagoda, Rato Machhendra Temple, Minnath, Rudra Varna Mahavihar etc are the major attractions of Patan.

Most important monument of the city is Patan. Lalitpur Nepal which is the archaeological world heritage site declared by the UNESCO. If you need more information about Patan Durbar Square & Krishna Mandir Patan the cultural World heritage site  of Nepal fell free to contact us.