Tourist activities best things to do in Chitwan Sauraha Nepal

Things to do in Chitwan - tourist activities in Chitwan

Tourist activities the best things to do in Chitwan Sauraha Nepal

Top things to do in Chitwan are jungle safari, Nature walk; Elephant back safari, Jeep safari, cannoning, bird watching, village tours and ethnic group cultural programs etc. Chitwan is a very beautiful place. It is the center of attraction for tourist because of the scenic beauty of the place.

Chitwan is a world famous national park it has wide variety of wildlife and jungle. Travelers can observe a wide variety of wildlife present in the park moving here and there. It is very pleasant to the eyes when you see animals pasturing in the ground and enjoying their lifestyle. Things to do in Chitwan an amazing tourist places popular tourist activities in Chitwan are listed below.

List of top things to do in Chitwan Nepal

Chitwan jungle safari                                       Bird watching tours

Elephant / jeep safari and nature walk
Jungle walks are very common in such areas. Whenever you go to the park, you can always find an elephant safari. Elephant safari is nothing but to enjoy the elephant ride while you roam about the jungle. This has double fitted benefit, and they are, firstly you can enjoy a ride on an elephant and secondly you can take a view of the jungle while traveling.

Even some people are afraid of elephants and they choose to have the jeep safari while going around the jungle. While some people like to have a jungle walk instead of watching the wildlife from a distance, they watch the animals all over the jungle just by walking. Among these activities elephant back safari is the most popular things to do in Chitwan.

Tharu cultural show
Tharu is a part of Chitwan where the tribes in that region are called there. These people love their tradition. They have some traditional show which attracts the attention of all visitors. A special form of dance called the peacock dance is their main attraction. Every person who visits the village must watch the show. Another type of dance is also very famous which is known as the stick dance. Almost all the people of their village have a taste for dancing amazing things to do in Chitwan.

Canoe ride and bird watching
If someone wishes to go for a canoe ride, then they have to plan for that trip very early in the morning. Canoe ride is along the famous Rapti River. It is very pleasant to hear the bliss sound of the river. It is also very beautiful to watch the birds coming together to have their food. It is also eye catching to watch such a group of bird’s altogether.

Elephant and Crocodile breeding center visit
Crocodile breeding center are located in the interior of the village. The crocodiles breed in very quiet and silent places. So their breeding centers are far away from the residence of people. Elephant breeding center are located in the nearby distance. One can visit elephant breeding center by an ox-cart or jeep. But people prefer the ox cart tour because it is rare in the city areas it is interesting things to do in Chitwan. In such breeding centers, the elephants are given food, and also you can watch the elephant bathing in front of you.

Night tower stay at jungle
The night stay at jungle is very exciting and interesting things to do in Chitwan. Few people who are very adventurous they like to spend their time in the jungle and watch the behavior of the animals at night. There is a famous tower on the top of which camps are made and people spend their time during the night. This tower is the best option because the animals can become ferocious if they sense the presence of human beings.

Some other popular things to do Nepal are listed here that help the travelers to select the main attraction and popular travel destinations to visit Nepal.

Amazing Things to do in Nepal

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Chitwan National Park established in 1973 and declared Natural World Heritage site in 1984 by UNESCO. Best things to do in Chitwan Nepal are jungle safari, Nature walk; Elephant back safari, Jeep safari, and bird watching are best tourism activities in Chitwan. If you interested to visit Chitwan, would like to explore tourist attractions then we are here to organize tourist activities in Chitwan according to your desire and duration of holidays.