Climbing definition, history & what is alpine climbing Himalaya


What is Climbing with Alpine mountain climbing the Himalayas

Climbing is an adventure specially organizes in mountain utilizing climbing equipment’s and gears. it is a risky adventure sport it requires both skill and nerve for success. Gears such as ropes, harnesses, cams, helmets and carabineers are all used to lessen the risks of climbing and gravity.

Mountaineering is all about challenge and perseverance, about putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice and snow and finally reaching a summit. Peak summit is major adventure tourism, it is the activity of using your hands and feet to surmount a steep obstacle such as an artificial wall, boulder, cliff or mountain, most cases the peaks required snow and Ice climbing experience.

Department of Tourism in Nepal is divided in spring and autumn season summit. Most popular among them is the spring season, when the harsh weather of winter leaves the mountain after dumping fresh snow and before the monsoon starts. The second best season would be the autumn.

Climbing peaks Nepal

Cholatse peak                                                          Shigu Chuli
Machermo peak                                                      Mera peak
Kyazo Ri peak                                                           Kusum Kanguru
Nirekha peak                                                            Kwangde peak
Langsisa Ri                                                                  Chulu West
Ombigaichen peak                                               Island peak
Bokta peak                                                                Pharchamo peak
Chekijo peak                                                            Lobuje peak
Phari Lapcha peak                                                Ramdung peak
Lobuje West peak                                                Pisang peak
Larkya peak                                                             Tharpu Chuli
ABI peak                                                                     Khongma-tse
Yubra Himal                                                             Ganja-la Chuli
Yala peak                                                                   Pokhalde peak
Mardi Himal                                                            Paldor peak 
Hiunchuli peak                                                      Chulu East 

Mountaineering is one of the best adventure holidays sport for mountain areas adventure tour lover. Department of tourism Nepal issues the peak permit to climb the mountains of Nepal. Peak permit fees depends on the number of climbers, group size and category of the peak.

Peak climbing is a popular but challenging adventure tour in Nepal Himalayan region same adventure sport is almost impossible to find anywhere in the world. Our long experience in the Himalayas ensure to make your peak climbing successful because we have qualified and experience climbing Sherpa and Mountain guide for peak summit in Nepal.

The great Himalayan range in Nepal sector there are eight highest peaks out of fourteen 8000 meters peaks lies in Nepal including the Mt. Everest (8848m), the highest peak of the world and Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Makalu (8,463 m) Cho Oyu (8,201 m), Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Manaslu (8,163 m), Annapurna (8,091 m).

Expedition peaks Nepal

Everest expedition                                                  Kanchenjunga expedition
Ama Dablam expedition                                       Pumori expedition
Baruntse expedition                                               Makalu expedition
Api Himal expedition                                              Annapurna expedition
Kumbha Karna expedition                                  Dhaulagiri expedition
Saipal Himal expedition                                         Manaslu expedition

Climbing in Nepal with total number of 1310 snow peaks over 6000 meters and offers the best choices for mountaineering. Mountaineering in Nepal is the most challenging but a rewarding adventure trip of the Himalayas. We will provide you following Peak summit service, packages including total information about peak climbing in Himalayas Nepal.

Summit mountain is challenging and difficult hiking up steep rocky slopes, talus fields, and along airy ridges studded with gendarmes in the high mountains offer thrilling snow capped peak climbing experience.