What is trekking expedition types, importance & objectives

what is trekking

What is trekking – what is trek types, importance & objectives

Trekking is an interesting walking holidays; adventurous journey to discover the diversity of nature and culture by foot on hills or High Mountain areas is called trekking where is not accessible by modern transportation. In these modern times, we have got into a hectic lifestyle where time is always scarce.Village trekking in Nepal

It is important to manage time between our professional and personal activities and hence the need for relaxing and distressing is felt. Travel has always been a best option to relax and offers a fantastic break from the daily routine. One activity which is a perfect option for all the adventure freaks is none other than trekking in Nepal. What is trekking in Himalayas

For the adventure freaks and trek enthusiasts, Himalayas and Himalayan foot hills are the haven one can explore natural, cultural and geographic diversity. Those who are adventurous go for trekking in very risky mountainous areas. Backpackers get the opportunity to acquire immense knowledge from their experiences in the mountainous areas as well as the remote villages.

People go for trekking for a few days or even for a few months. Normally, the backpackers walk for 4 – 6 hours daily during their walking program. Nepal, the Himalayas is the paradise for all kind of hiking; different kinds of adventure options awaiting the backpackers. There are two types of trekking categorized according to the operation camping and Tea house basic.

During camping trekking company arrange guide to lead the group and cook, Sherpa and porters to carry the things required for backpacking like tent, food and other items. Camping trip is unique experience staff will prepare food for all members; sleep in the tents during the journey. Suggested camping treks in Himalayas are listed below.

What is trekking in Himalayas

Makalu base camp trek                     Nar phu valley trek
Makalu circuit trek                              Tsum valley trek
Arun valley trek                                     Around Dhaulagiri trek
Lower dolpo trek                                   Upper dolpo trek
Milke danda trek                                    Churen himal trek
Rolwaling valley trek                           Kalinchowk trek
Panch pokhari trek                                Rara lake trek
Tashi lapcha pass trek                          Panchase trek
Kanchenjunga base camp trek      Siklis trek

During tea house trekking trekkers can eat, relax and sleep in tea houses on the way, guide leads the teams and porter carry the backpack of the trekkers. Tea house trek is easy, cheap and best options then camping to travel in mountain area popular tea house trekking are listed below.

Everest base camp trek                    Annapurna circuit trek
Everest view trek                                 Annapurna base camp trek
Upper mustang trek                            Kanchenjunga base camp trek
Langtang valley trek                            Manaslu circuit trek
Helambu trek                                           Island peak trek
Luxury Everest trek                            Luxury Annapurna trek
Everest high pass trek                        Poon hill trek
Gokyo Lake trek                                    Jiri to Everest base camp trek

The trip to Nepal is synonymous with trekking. There are different types of walking trails here. There are plenty of Easy to challenging trails for hiking that are ideal for all level traveler including novice backpackers. Enjoy multi-days’ journey on foot to explore the mountainous areas and the mountainous villages, enjoy the natural beauty there and learn about the lifestyle of the people.Sherpani col trek

There are four different types of backpacking categorize by its difficulty level; easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging. Easy treks are ideal for the novice trekkers. The duration of easy trek will be 4 – 6 days and there will be no tough ascends or descends during the journey. These treks will be of lower altitudes and the trekkers can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain ranges.

What is trekking , It consists of series of ascends and descends in the company of a guide. The backpackers trips are classified into four categories – easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging. More energetic as well as experienced backpackers may go for the moderate trek. The duration will be 10 – 12 days and one has to climb up and down higher altitudes.

The trekkers will get close-up view of high mountains physically fit average trekkers can complete this trip. Only experienced, very strong physically as well as mentally as well as adventurous trekkers will opt for the strenuous and challenging treks. Trekkers go up to 5500 m and there will be steep climbing some time have to fix the ropes to cross the pass also.

What is trekking means? Encyclopedia describes, it is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wildernesses. Trek is simply walking holiday trip which is traditionally applied to overland journeys made by foot.

What is trekking ? it is the multi day’s joyful hiking experience enjoying the scenery of rural regions, rugged hills and valleys from one place to another. Any way it is a Joy full adventure trip through rural, rugged territory throw nature trail by foot.

Trekking in mountain gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery. It is not hiking though it can be strenuous as well as challenging at times, it is different from hiking or mountaineering. In its simplest form backpacking is walking on trails where motorized transport is not available. Trekking is for exercise and sight-seeing and is just walking on foot for a few days. Himalayas is the most popular destination of the world if you would like to experience it let us to know, our experience guide happy to show you the Himalayas safely.