White water rafting equipment’s check list for river of Nepal

White water rafting equipment’s / gear list

White water rafting equipments or rafting gears are necessary to prepare before start rafting trips in rivers of Nepal. Fresh water rafting is an amusing and enjoyable sport which can be a great pass time for people hunting for thrilling experiences.

Nepal is second largest country in a term of water resources; there are many potential for rafting in Nepal the Himalayan white water river fun. Essential rafting equipment’s are provides the agency but personal rafting gars  have to arrange by travelers. Popular rafting packages are listed here that require white water rafting equipments list.

Trishuli river rafting                       Bhote koshi river rafting
Kali gandaki river rafting             Sun koshi river rafting
Karnali river rafting                       Bheri river rafting
Seti river rafting                               Arun river rafting
Tamur river rafting

Before starting rafting trip river guide brief about the safety and security tips and also inform how to use the personal rafting gears during white water rafting. Extreme adventure rafting sport is accessible in most of the tourist destinations and can be combined with different trekking and tours program also.

There are certain equipment’s are provided by the company are life Jacket, paddles, helmets, first-aid kit and safety kayaks. Personal rafting gears are listed below check the list before departing to Himalayan river rafting in Nepal.

White water rafting equipment check list

1.   Wet shoes
2.   Nylon shorts
3.   Polypro socks
4.   Swimsuit
5.   Energy food /Snacks
6.   Water bottle
7.   Sunglasses
8.   Dry and warm clothes for off the river
9.   Sun Screen
10.  Personal medication
11.   Strap for sunglasses (Most important)
12.   Notebook and pen
13.   Towel
14.   Polypropylene or other synthetic tops long and short sleeve
15.   Headlight
16.   Baseball cap or other sun-cap
17.   Ziplock bags (things you want to make double sure stay dry optional)
18.   Map
19.   Camera (with  waterproof  hard shell camera bag)
20.   Toilet Paper
21.    Knife

Given rafting equipments list are for personal use other necessary rafting gears provide by the company. Though fresh water rafting is enjoyable, it is also slightly risky. In order avoid unexpected situations, it is advised to take a basic knowledge on how to handle the raft and have a safe and secure rafting. We arrange safe and secure rafting holidays in all rivers of Nepal fell free to write us.