Social works | Corporate Social Responsibility BCE Nepal

Social works info
Base Camp Excursion Pvt. Ltd Government registered trekking company has been involved in social welfare sector since its establishment. We support to empower the community; our aim is to serve the orphans, socially and economically back warded people and society. Every year we contribute 1% of our annual benefit for community schools, preserve the culture, orphanage, street children, sustainable agriculture for sustainable livelihood, establishing school and  Library and empowering program for youth.

Then why not you travel with us your travel program also gives some support to empowering community. Base camp trek works closely with community service volunteer foundation Nepal. We also supply a number of travelers that are including a volunteer stay within the village. Volunteers have been offering their personal skills for teaching to community school students.

Hence several times we have developed sustainable programs that absolutely impact individuals and communities located primarily within the Himalayan region. If you interested to involve in social service volunteer activities in Nepal we will provide you wide verity of social service volunteer program throw different social organization also. Community service volunteer foundation Nepal was conceived to empower underprivileged, marginalized, poor and minority segments of Nepal.

If you interested to know more detail about our social activities and sister social organization please visit.  Lets participate in social works programs with BCE Nepal to give back for community as a corporate social responsibility.