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trekking grade Nepal

Trekking grade Nepal details

Base Camp Trekking, Kathmandu, Nepal grading all trekking trails of Nepal are in four different categories like easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging trail. Choose trekking grades which suits your physical condition, before booking trekking package and departing to trekking in Nepal.Mount Manaslu 8163 m facts the 8th highest peak of world It is necessary to know travel destination and its difficulty, we declared given trekking grade of Nepal according to the climate, altitude, and environment of the trekking regions of Nepal.

All packages Nepal are graded and clearly marked at the top sidebar of each trip highlight section. Trekking  is one of the popular adventure trips of Himalayan region enjoy Himalayan trek once in lifetime and capture the spectacular mountains panorama.

Easy trekking in Nepal

Easy grades trekking indicates easily accessible low altitude trekking, four to six hrs walking per day and it is not necessary to hiking higher than 3000 meters above sea level. Easy trekking in Himalayan foot hills usually consist of around three to seven day. For easy trekking it is not necessary any previous trekking, hiking experience, we offer easy treks in Nepal camping or tea house basic and arrange easy trail trekking tours according to your desire, some popular trip listed here for reference.

Everest view trek                             Poon hill trek
Langtang valley trek                        Helambu trek
Pokhara hiking                                     Kathmandu hiking
Nagarkot hiking                                  Jomsom muktinath trek
Rara lake trek                                       Kalinchowk trek
Panch pokhari trek                           Royal trek
Panchase trek                                       Sikles trek
Guerrilla trek                                       Pathibhara trek
Arun valley trek

Moderate trekking grade Nepal

Moderate grade trekking indicates packages are difficult than easy treks in Nepal, five to seven hrs walking per day and hiking 3100 to 5000 meters above sea level. Moderate type of trekking includes day excursions to higher elevations, moderate treks are suitable for all trekkers who are looking for something little more energetic. Visit Nepal once in life time and enjoy moderate trekking with superb views of highest mountain of the world. Previous trekking, hiking experience is better for moderate trips; we offer moderate trekking tours in the himalayas camping or tea house basic according to your desire, some suggested moderate trekking trails are listed here.

Everest base camp trek                         Annapurna base camp trek
Upper mustang trek                                 Gokyo lake trek
Mardi himal trek                                          Manaslu circuit trek
Jiri to Everest base camp trek           Tamang heritage trek
Langtang helambu trek                            Nar phu valley trek
Tsum valley trek                                           Rolwaling valley trek
Lower dolpo trek                                         Ganesh himal trek
Strenuous trekking in Nepal
Strenuous trekking in Nepal should only be undertaken by those with some previous mountain walking experience and good level of physical fitness.Api himal expedition in Nepal They ascend to altitudes of up to 5500m and involve some steep climbing, although it is necessary to use ropes. Treks at strenuous level can be arranged for periods of three week duration and could be longer. Strenuous trekking trails are sometimes uncharted and away from inhabited areas, slightly difficult and longer, walking six to eight hours per day with longer ascents the scramble on an exposed ridge and rough condition. We offer organize camping or tea house basic strenuous trekking trip according to your desire.

Kanchenjunga base camp trek            Cho la pass trek
Upper dolpo trek                                         Annapurna circuit trek
Renjo la pass trek                                         Tilicho lake trek
Lapchi trek                                                        Limi valley trek
Makalu base camp trek

Challenging trekking grade Nepal
Challenging trekking packages Nepal are generally longer and more strenuous with long ascents and descents, steep gradients, rough ground, some backpacking. Mountain walking experience, high standard of physical fitness and stamina are essential to get success for challenging trekking in Nepal. Challenging treks are best described as Alpine, and suitable for those in excellent health and physical fitness, capable of carrying a backpack, when necessary. Challenging trek covers remote areas of Nepal, traveling over snow-capped passes at altitudes of up to 6500m, walk up to eight hrs everyday.

Tashi lapcha pass trek                        Ganja la pass trek
Everest high pass trek                      Damodar kunda trek
Mustang teri la pass trek                 Around Dhaulagiri trek
Makalu circuit trek

Most of the challenging treks are fully supported; organize camping basic only. If you need more information about trekking grade Nepal / Nepal trekking difficulty level fell free to contact us.