Luxury trek Annapurna Nepal

Luxury trek Annapurna Nepal

Annapurna Luxury Lodge trek in Nepal Himalaya

The luxury trek to Annapurna Nepal enables the tourists to explore the Annapurna with ease and comfort. They can relax in the luxury lodges and the walking will be with full porter age. Nepal known as the country is filled with diverse and remarkable landscapes like mountains, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers, forests, vegetation and some wonderful flora and fauna; it is no wonder that tourism is the largest industry of this beautiful country. The awe-inspiring Annapurna Himalayan range is about 25 miles north of Pokhara; one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal. Annapurna is easily accessible from Pokhara and besides the spectacular views of the Himalayas peaks; the trekkers enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape. Annapurna luxury trek offers the travelers a life time opportunity to experience a taste of natural and cultural wonders of mountain villages of Himalayan foothills.
Annapurna luxury lodge trek takes you through beautiful Nepalese villages with spectacular mountain views of the Annapurna region; it is ultimate way to travel around staying in the comfortable lodges. During Annapurna luxury lodge trekking period we provides luxury accommodation facilities including landscaped gardens for relaxing, bar lounges, comfortable dining and bedrooms with western-style bathroom, hot showers. The Luxury trek Annapurna Nepal is a comfortable and easy trek for even the first time Himalayan trekkers. The trekking consists of gentle waking through the middle hills of Nepal. The trek trail leads the trekkers to beautiful Nepali villages and from there they can enjoy the magnificent views of the Annapurna range.
The luxury trek Annapurna Nepal is one among the most exciting vacation programs that provides the opportunity to explore various wonderful features of Nepal including the stunning mountain views, the picturesque villages, local culture and lifestyle of the villagers. The luxury trek to Annapurna is an exclusive way of exploration of Nepal and the mountain ranges. Normally Annapurna luxury lodge trek in Nepal Himalaya will be for six days through the foothills of Annapurna but it can be organize either short or long to look after any tourist to catch their desire as well as duration of their holidays. Each day the trekkers walk for about three to five hrs. The walking is moderate and those are reasonably fit can undertake this trekking.

Annapurna Luxury Lodge trek itinerary

Nepal Annapurna trek luxury The Annapurna base camp trek it’s something i never going to forget. It was one of the great experiences of my life. The sites and panoramic it’s fantastic. Now i know what’s  the meaning of trekking in the Himalayas and also i can’t forget the special and very professional services of the tour guide and the porter. I recommend Luxury trek Annapurna Nepal without any doubt if someone thinking about to trek to ABC.

Lucio Montiel

Tour guide