Nepal trekking packages to experience best trekking in Nepal

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Nepal trekking tours to go for mountain trekking in Nepal

Himalaya trekking in Nepal is one of the ways of experiencing the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Thousands of trekkers visit Nepal each year to capture the spirit of walking holiday adventure. Our world has lot of travel destinations to explore and many of these are filled with some amazing landscapes.Nepal trekking packages to experience best trekking in Nepal

In these present hectic times, nothing is as pleasing as heading to some holiday destination and taking a break from the daily routine. There are some people who love to have a blend of travel and adventure and for them trekking or hiking is one of the best options. How can we not mention the Nepal tour as we discuss trekking destinations? After all, it is one of the most popular and spectacular locations of the globe for the trekkers.

Trekking tours may include an amazing trip covering some splendid views, colorful villages and diverse natural landscapes like; peaks, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, vegetation, forests, glaciers and more. Nepal has eight of the top ten highest summits of the globe, so you can very well imagine how adventurous the Nepal trekking tour might turn out to be. Also as you undertake trekking tour, you would get to know the local culture and get a glimpse of their life.

Highlights of trekking regions Nepal

Everest trekking                                                  Annapurna trekking
Manaslu trekking                                               Langtang trekking
Kanchenjunga trek                                            Makalu trekking
Rowling trekking                                                Dhaulagiri trekking
Dolpo trekking                                                    Village trekking

Nepal best treks are amazing and would offer you an experience of lifetime. For those who absolutely love trekking, It could be an experience to remember for lifetime. You would surely not forget your memories of the fantastic views of Nepal treks as it is filled with incredible natural landscapes.

Dry and warm seasons are perhaps the best ones to undertake trekking in Nepal. It goes without saying that the major attraction of Nepal treks would be the Mt Everest and it would be a remarkable experience. Nepal is filled with some superb treks and you can plan your trip depending upon the time you have.

Also you would be overwhelmed with the welcoming nature of the locals and as you proceed with your journey of Nepal trekking tours you would never feel lonely. It is no wonder that Nepal treks are one of the most popular treks in the world for the majestic views they offer. Some Nepal trekking trips are easy while some are challenging.

You can undertake Nepal trekking tours depending upon how much adventure you are seeking as there is ample number of treks to explore in this beautiful country. Trekking in Nepal is a biggest attraction in the world because world famous hiking trails are in Nepal Himalaya.

Nepal trekking tours packages

Everest base camp trek                                Manaslu circuit trek
Poon hill trek                                                   Annapurna circuit trek
Annapurna base camp trek                        Kanchenjunga base camp trek
Jiri to Everest base camp trek                  Tamang heritage trek
Upper mustang trek                                       Lower dolpo trek
Nar phu valley trek                                         Upper dolpo trek
Renjo la pass trek                                            Cho la pass trek
Everest view trek                                             Gokyo lake trek
Langtang valley trek                                       Manaslu base camp trek
Makalu base camp trek                                 Everest high pass trek
Mardi himal trek                                               Jomsom muktinath trek
Rolwaling valley trek                                      Langtang helambu trek
Helambu trek                                                      Pathibhara trek

Trekking in Nepal is not simply walking one day after another; Trekking is rather a gradual way of experiencing of Nepal’s diversity in terms of geography, people, religion and a wide range of culture. The best treks in Nepal covers the names like; Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp, Langtang valley, Gokyo, Upper Mustang, Makalu base camp, Annapurna circuit, Kanchenjunga base camp and more.

Each of these treks is filled with diverse natural landscapes and the mountain views from these are something which is just magical. Each of the above mentioned treks could covered in different number of days as they differ in the distance, time available and difficulty levels of trekking. Each trek in Nepal has something different to offer in terms of natural landscapes apart from the majestic mountain views.

There are four types of trekking in Nepal like Easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging treks categories according the nature of trails. Camping and tea house trekking according to service and day hike or multi days trekking tours Nepal according to duration. Nepal is the ultimate destination for adventure tours, trekking, hiking and climbing enthusiast.