Cho Oyu facts to Climb Cho Oyu 6th highest mountain in the world

Cho Oyu Mountain

Mt Cho Oyu facts to Climb Cho Oyu sixth highest mountain in the world

Mount Cho Oyu is situated along the border of Nepal and Tibet, it is about 20km west of Mount Everest. With an altitude of 8188m, Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world. The 5500m long Nangpa La glacier pass is very close to Cho Oyu in the west.

Cho Oyu has the distinction as the easiest 8000m peak to climb since there are no technical sections and no other dangers are also there. Since it is an easy trek it attracts a lot of climbers. The trip will not take more than 6 weeks. Trekkers can reach the base camp by jeep and from the base camp they can reach Kathmandu the same day.

The base camp is always crowded with trekkers. Due to the relatively low chance of risk and also good snow conditions, in recent time’s snowboarders and sky mountaineers are also attracted to Mount ChoOyu climbing.
Cho Oyu was first attempted in 1952 by an expedition organized and financed by the Joint Himalayan Committee of Great Britain. Trekkers take a two days drive from Kathmandu to Tingri through Kodari. On the way, they halt at Nyalam for acclimatization.

During the drive from Tingri to the base camp the trekkers can enjoy excellent views of Cho Oyu as well as the upper sections of the north side of Mount Everest. From the base camp the travelers take two days trek to advanced base camp. They spend maximum time at the advanced base camp.

Trekkers can also take the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa and from Lhasa they take the two days drive to Tingri through Shigatse. This mountain is considered the easiest 8,000 meter peak to climb.

it’s an attractive climbing experience in limited time takes roughly 6 weeks for round trip highly recommended as a first 8,000m peak. Expedition summit can be organize throw Gokyo valley Khumbu, Everest trekking region also but it is most difficult climbing route of this peak only few climbers got success via Nepal side.

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The return trip from the base camp to Kathmandu is an easy drive of two days. Sometimes, they may reach Kathmandu in one day also. Most of the trekkers prefer to halt in Zangmu, take a shower and enjoy the night life in one of the hotels that provide discos and drinks.

Those who take the drive from Tingri to Kathmandu through the Friendship Highway can enjoy exciting views of Shishapangma. From Yarlung Shan they can enjoy the most spectacular views of the high peaks of the Himalayas. Suggested trekking, Climbing, Hiking and Mountaineering trip nearby mountains Given below.

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