Geotourism Nepal Himalaya including geo tours Nepal Asia

Geotourism Nepal Himalaya - Geo tours Nepal packages Asia

Geo tours Nepal packages Asia

Geotourism Nepal Asia explore geotourism destinations of Himalaya discover wonders of the world make national geo tours of a lifetime. During geo tours and travels Nepal travelers can observe diverse geographical character of Himalayas, Nepal, Asia its natural beauty environment, aesthetics, culture, heritage and well-being of local. Nepal tourism - tourism in Nepal

Discover Nepal geographic diversity Musaharniya, Dhanusa 59 meters / 193 feet  to Mount Everest 8848 meters / 29,029 feet above sea level In between average 150 km north south and 835 km east west distance.

Nearly 6000 Himalayan peaks and naturally beautiful mountain areas make best geo tourism holidays experience in Asia. Nepal is the second largest country for fresh water resources, great Himalayas, cold desert, rain shadow areas.

Himalayan climate, geographic diversity, rich nature and culture of Nepal make it an ideal location for geotourism holidays. During geo trip you can study the geology of Nepal very close to the nature culture and rural livelihood.

Highest Mountain in the World (Mount Everest).

Nine of the ten highest peaks on Earth

Discover World’s largest mountain range The Himalayas

Explore deepest valley in the world.

Discover the deepest gorge in the world.

Kapuche Lake 2546 m the lowest glacial Lake of Nepal

Karnali river the Longest river of Nepal

Rara lake Largest lake of Nepal Eco tourism Nepal

Phoksundo Lake deepest lake of Nepal

Koshi river the largest river of Nepal

Kathmandu the City of Temples

Naturally Nepal tourism

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