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People and Language Nepal

Peoples of Nepal
Total population of Nepal reached 26,620,809;according to census 2068/2011 the population comprises over 103 different races and castes each have their own distinctive lifestyle, tradition, and culture, they speak more than 123 different language and dialects.

Whereas Brahmins and Kshetri who are considered to be the elite group in Nepal as they are forward in education, government administration and policy making level. They are spread generally all over the country and follow Hinduism. They are also some mongoloid tribal groups, who follow Kirati religion. People and Language Nepal

The Newars constitute and important ethnic group in the capital city Kathmandu. Whereas the Gurung, Sunuwar, Rai, Limbu and Magars live mainly in the west and the southern slops and valleys of the eastern mid hills, the slopes of Annapurna, Himalchuli and Ganesh Himal range. Magars, Sunuwar, Rai, Limbu and Gurungs are often known as Gurkha soldiers, as the large number of them have been recruited in Indian and British regiment.

The Sherpa communities live mainly in the mountain region, more in the Solu Khumbu (Everest) region. They are best known ethnic group in tourism, as they have strength to live in high altitude since they are born and grown up. They follow the Buddhism. Tamang are one of the largest Tibet to- Burman ethnic groups in Nepal, around half the Himalayan zone of Nepal is inhabited by Tamang.
The Thakalis live mainly in Kali Gandaki valley of central Nepal; the Thakalis are a Tibeto Burman people who have become the entrepreneurs of Nepal. Originally Buddhist, many pragmatic Thakalis have now adopted Hinduism. Tharus, Yadavs, Satar, Rajvanshis, and Dhimals are spread generally in the Tarai region. Tharus are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nepal.

Language of Nepal

Nepal is not only the hub of natural resources It is said but also it is a hub of cultural, religious and linguistic also. There are 103 caste and ethnic groups  of people in Nepal, the speaks 123 different languages as a mother tongue in Nepal. Despite having different diverse in languages and dialects, Nepali is the national language. Most of the Nepali people speak Nepali Language.  If you need more information about People and language of Nepal fell free to contact us.