Generally Tea house and camping base two types of trekking in Nepal

Types of trekking in Nepal

Types of trekking in Nepal Himalayas

Nepal is known as trekkers’ paradise an ultimate adventure holiday destination in the world. Trekking type categorized differently like according to operation style, duration of trip and according to your budget. There are mainly two types of trekking is popular between trekkers in Nepal. These two types of walking holidays are lodge to lodge trek and camping trek respectively.

Types of trekking in Nepal by operation

Camping trekking
Tea house trekking

Most of Nepal traveler visit Nepal to see the spectacular views of Himalayan range and trekking in the hilly region to enjoy and capture its diverse landscape. These two types of trekking in Nepal have their own identity; Tea house trekking trips are popular between family trekkers, solo traveler, women trekker, charity, group of friends and independent travelers.

Tea house facility is available in most popular trekking route of Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga and Langtang region. In tea house or lodge trekking meals and accommodation provide at tea house and lodges along the route. You are accompanied by a guide who leads trek and porters who carry luggage, equipment.

Trekking type in Nepal according to budget
Budget trekking package
Standard trekking package
Luxury trekking package

Luxury trekking available in Everest trekking and Annapurna trekking region Nepal. Popular luxury trekking packages are Annapurna luxury trek and Luxury Everest base camp trek. Enjoy Nepal trekking tours staying in luxurious hotel in these trekking routes of Nepal.
Trekking type in Nepal according to holiday duration
1. One week trekking
2. Two weeks trekking
3. Three weeks trekking
4. Four weeks trekking
5. More than four weeks trekking

Organized camping trekking is ideal to discover remote and untouched areas, trekkers familiar with local cultures, landscape and lifestyle of remote people of Nepal. During trekking period we offer all necessary food and camping equipment for a private or larger group of travelers.

Base camp Excursion staffs take care of all the technical and logistical aspects in the trip. Everyday staff will set the camp along the trails and cooks prepare the western and Asian food according to guest’s choice. Find suitable trekking type which suit your physical fitness, budget and holiday duration then make adventure holiday memorable forever. If you need more information about trekking types in Nepal fell free to contact us.