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Village tours to promote Nepal village tourism

The best village tours Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries which come under the top fifty places one should visit before death. Nepal known as a country of villages, tours programs on the villages is the perfect way to see the real image of Nepal. This country is situated between India and China. What is trekking in Himalayas

Though both India and China has been ruled by the foreigners, Nepal has a fantastic history of not being ruled by any of the others. This concept of not being dominated by others has led to the safeguarding of the tradition and culture of Nepal.

Village tours Nepal to discover the different 120 ethnic people their language, religion, culture, lifestyle and arts of typical Nepal untouched by the modernity. Nepal has amazing mountains with its highest peak and the surface being completely covered by snow. In addition to all this, there is a varied tradition that is being followed in Nepal.

The country has a combination of Hindus and Buddhists religion that is being followed by the people. This sort of varied tradition impresses tourists to take up a cultural sightseeing in Nepal villages. Popular village trekking tour programs listed below but we arrange village excursion program most of the villages all over Nepal.

Village tours to promote Nepal village tourism

Bandipur village tour                        Ghale gaun village trek
Guerrilla trek                                         Chepang hill trek
Sherpa village trek                             Arun valley trek
Sirubari village trail                           Balthali village trek
Dhorpatan trek                                    Kali gandaki valley trek

Village tours in Nepal is an opportunity to know the tremendous tradition, lots of tales, story about heroic kings and the splendid history of Nepal can be understood at the capital Kathmandu. The popular Pashupathinath temple tells a lot about the cultural heritage of Nepal.

People of rural and the semi urban areas are still used to wearing the traditional clothing. These people also perform the folk dances and have a sweet musical fest which will astonish the tourists. The architectural work in pottery and the bronze structures is all too different for any one and it gives a wonderful pass time for the people in Nepal.

Village tours are the best way to familiar with the hospitality of Nepali people; exploring cultural hubs, excellent views of the Himalayan range including Mount Everest. Most of the village tours packages organize on home stay basic to promote Nepal village tourism concept villagers welcome travelers with open hearts.

Surrounding greenery, Nature walk, cultural shows, lifestyle, delicious local food, local drinks and exploring something new and interesting are the highlight of village tours package. Make camera ready to capture all moments, suggested itinerary of Nepal village tour listed above it can be a great cultural fest to have a visit to Nepal.