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Helping street children at Thamel - Volunteer travel Nepal

Volunteer travel Nepal opportunities

Nepal is a perfect destination for volunteer travel, volunteering is responsible way to travel and contribute  some things in community. Volunteering and travel in Nepal is both challenging and rewarding. We offer different types of volunteer opportunities in Nepal. Our sister volunteering organization including, sustainable farming volunteer, orphanage volunteer, street children volunteer, teach English volunteer at school or Buddhist monks or nun and environmental conservation project in different location like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, and Chitwan.

Base Camp Trekking Kathmandu, Nepal support to empower the community and involved in social welfare sector since its establishment. Our aim is to serve the orphans, socially and economically backward people and society, every year we contribute 1% of our annual benefit for community schools, orphanage, street children, war affected children, Library and empowering program. Then why not travel with us your travel program also gives some support to empowering community. Volunteer travel Nepal opportunities

We works closely with community service, volunteer foundation Nepal and organize volunteer program for those who are looking for work and travel experience, career break, or meaningful travel experience, we sent those travelers in different village. Volunteers have been offering their personal skills in community and teaching to community school students.

If you interested to involve in social service activities in Nepal we will provide you wide verity of social service opportunity in Nepal. When you volunteer in Nepal with us you receive a great volunteering experience in Nepal. Volunteer programs are the great way to help community, make new friends and strengthen your resume. Beside that volunteers will benefit cross-cultural experience in our cultural exchange program. Cultural exchange program is suitable for anyone, family, individual groups.

Program is targeted to anyone who is keen interest in Nepali cultures and traditions. After completion volunteer orientation training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in different village to participate in village life; volunteers will experience the different local culture, while sharing their own culture and custom.

Nepal is a developing country with most of the people living below the poverty line. It is necessary to contribute something in society as a volunteer traveler in Nepal. You have an opportunity to make a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to the people of Nepal. If you’re thinking about travel and volunteering in Nepal, now you are at right place. We provide you volunteer opportunity in Nepal; our volunteer placements that will help you make your travel memorable and worthwhile.

In the middle of volunteer travel program, You can involve in different adventure activities like hiking, culture tours, jungle safari, mountain biking, rafting, trekking, mountain flight etc. it depend on your interests, budgets and time schedule. Remember us for volunteer travel Nepal and make your volunteer travel Nepal program memorable forever.  If you need more information about Adventure tour in Nepal fell free to contact us.