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Gurkha district is situated in Gandaki zone, western region, Nepal, south Asia.  Its geographical coordinates are 28° 0′ 0″ North, 84° 38′ 0″ East. Gorkha is the home of legendary Gurkha soldiers. Gorkha is a small town perhaps the most important historical town of Nepal. Gorkha, situated at 140 km west of Kathmandu at an altitude of 1,135 meter above sea level, Gurkha is the ancestral hometown of the Nepal’s ruling royal family.Mount Manaslu - Manaslu expedition

The name Gorkha derives from the Hindu warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath. King Prithvi Narayan Shah launched his lifelong attempt to unify the independent states of Nepal, a wildly ambitious project which succeeded due to his brilliance, and the effectiveness of his locally recruited troops.

Trekking tours in Gurkha Nepal

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Gorkha is a picturesque hill town that has a rich history of its own. The place is situated on a small mountain at the height of 3500 feet and offers a magnificent view of the Himalayan Peaks. Most important pilgrimage site of Gorkha district are Manakamana, Gorakh Nath and Gorakh Kali temple Situated in district, after which the district got its name.

There are four major rivers run within and along it like Chepe, Daraudi, Marsyangdi and Budhi Gandaki. Prithibi Narayan Shaha is the first king of Nepal, who makes present Nepal from more than 75 sub countries.  Adventure tours in Manaslu are an opportunity to explore the Gorkha palace also.

Gorkha Durbar is the main attraction of Gorkha, the historical palace is a one hour walk from the downtown Gorkha. Great view of Himalayan range and the deep valleys from up there is quite breathtaking. Gorakhnath Cave, ten meters below the palace’s southern side, is the sacred cave temple of Gorkhanath.

Gorkha is the starting point of some trekking routes of Manaslu region. Mount Manaslu 8156 meters is eighth highest peak of the world. Manaslu located along the border of Nepal and China situated at west central Nepal. Gorkha is easily accessible by bus from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. If you need more information about Gorkha District & Gurkha soldiers Nepal fell free to contact us.