Best rivers for white water rafting holidays in Nepal

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White water rafting holidays Nepal

Best season for rafting holidays in Nepal is September to mid-December and March to early May. Nepal white water rafting is going popular between foreigner and Nepalese river fun seeker. Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water resources.

Main rivers of Nepal open for rafting are Trishuli, Bhote Kosi, Sun Koshi, Karnali, Kali Gandaki, Seti, Arun, Tamur. All major rivers originated from the Himalayas and running down the mountains offers tremendous exciting experience of white water rafting in Nepal. Nepal rafting is an effective ways to experience rural areas and spectacular.

Rafting holidays Nepal trips Asia

Trishuli River Rafting                   Sun Koshi rafting
Bhote koshi rafting                      Karnali river rafting
Kali Gandaki rafting                      Seti river rafting
Tamur river rafting                        Arun river rafting
Bheri river rafting
River rafting is an adventure sport that brings together fun, get in touch with with nature and a lot of excitement. Nepal is not only famous for its natural beauty. It is famous for rafting beach holidays and paradise for River runners. It is the ultimate destination a dream land of rafting and kayaking experts.

One can find most thrilling whitewater in the world with a wide range of grade. Warm water, bug free beaches for camping offers unique rafting experience. Experience river guide, skilled boat captain, safety kayaker, chefs and other river crews make river trip safe and meaningful.

Flora and fauna, cultural heritage and the charming smiles of innocence ethnic groups alongside the rivers are really impressive. River guides briefing all aspects of rafting, equipment and river safety before starting of rafting trip Nepal. Thundering water of river is coming from the glaciers lakes of the great Himalayas.

Mountain rivers make never-ending thrills are remarkable experience. Cruising down to rushing rivers of crashing waves and swirling rapids makes up excitement of a lifetime. Before boarding into boat; you will get your equipment, like life jacket and paddle. Remember us for more information or to make memorable rafting holidays Nepal.