Experience Bhutan tourism an amazing Bhutan trekking tours

Bhutan trekking tours

Bhutan trekking tours to experience amazing Bhutan tourism

The best seasons for Bhutan trekking tours are March to May and September to November. Bhutan is located between India and Tibet in the eastern Himalayas; it is a land locked country. The north part of Bhutan has mountainous landscapes with snowy mountain peaks.

The center part of Bhutan has many Himalayan peaks and the south part of the country has subtropical plains and densely forested foothills. Tourism Bhutan is a perfect way to discover hidden treasure, nature and culture of south Asia.
Bhutan allowed foreigners to visit the country only by the end of 20th century. It offers a wide range of trekking holidays to discover spectacular mountain views, the beautiful landscape and the warmth as well as culture of the Bhutanese people that make the Bhutan walking tours highly exciting as well as enjoyable.

There are three types of trekking in Bhutan. Short trips through villages, forests and meadows, short, low altitude easy walking and difficult as well as physically challenging treks are the three types of treks in Bhutan. Popular trekking tours in Bhutan are listed below to discover the land of thunder dragon.

Bhutan tours Snowman trek Bhutan
Chomolhari trek Druk path trek
Laya gasa trek Gangtey gogona trek
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Major part of Bhutan is covered with dense forests and high alpine meadows. The trekking in Bhutan tours are in fact journey through the nature and also the trekkers will have ample opportunity to interact with local people of Bhutan. The trekkers are accompanied by guides, cooks, porters and camp organizers.

The crew takes care of all the needs of the travelers. The cook prepares and serves delicious food and others take care of all other activities. If would like to visit Bhutan let us to know we arrange trips to Bhutan according to your desire and duration of holidays.