How long does it take to climb Mount Everest facts and figures

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest 8848m

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest facts and figures

Mount Everest climbing period depends on the weather condition it requires 1 day to several weeks. The fastest summit record made by Babu chhiri in 16 hrs 56 minute via south east ridge Nepal and Hans Kammerlander reach the top of Everest in 16 hours 45 minutes North ridge Tibet from base camp.

Total duration for Everest summit takes 7 to 10 weeks; how long does it take to climb Mount Everest base camp? First one week spend to reach the Everest base camp. Rest of weeks is for climbing preparation and final summit to reach the top. Climbers stay at Everest base camp checking weather cast minimum 5 to 7 days clear weather before start to reach the top.

Reaching the Summit at Mt. Everest – Vital Aspects

Some challenges in life have the power to change the course of your life forever. Tackling the highest peak in the world and coming out victorious can be just such a challenge in your life. If you are contemplating on climbing Mt. Everest, here are the vital aspects of the entire adventure that can help you bet better prepared before starting the ball rolling in that direction.

Starting at the Base Camp (5400m)

The base camp is a thrilling amalgamation of different international languages and an inherent urgency as people from various parts of the word prepare to take on the magnificent journey to trek Mt. Everest. There is also a Hodge podge of journalists and members of the family of the climbers wishing them well before the journey.

Moving on to Ice-fall (5500-6100m)

This is the very first step up from base camp. As you start your trek, you soon realize that this level is quite tricky with the consistent danger of a collapse or an open crevasse yawning out beneath you. You should be vigilant in clipping fast and in a rhythm. Also, unclip just as fast if there is an avalanche and duck behind a pinnacle to ride it out. If you have already acclimatized before the trek, the climb to ice-fall can take up to 3-5 hours. However, without proper acclimatization it can extend to 5-8 hours or more.

The next level Camp 1 or the Valley of Silence (6100-6400m)

The next level from Ice fall is at Camp 1. It is a flat area of miles of snow, unexpected crevasses, and mountain walls. You can expect frequent avalanches, which are sudden and might get trickier if you have not taken the care to camp away from tiny cracks, which can widen in to dangerous crevasses. Always climb through this area carefully clipped on to fixed ropes. The acclimatized can trek the area within 3-5 hours but it will take you more than 4-7 hours if you are not fully adjusted to the climate.

Climbing Mount Everest Camp 2 (6400 m)

At the end of the camp 1 trek, you reach Camp 2, which is a stunning place of retrospection. Not only can you see the peak of Everest, but this is also your last level for eating a fully prepared meal. You can acclimatize faster if you take walks to the Lhotse face during your stay at this camp.

Camp 3 the Lhotse wall (6800-8000m)

The climb is a completely flat walk and you need to be thoroughly careful with constant clipping of ropes and changing carbaniers between the ropes. Once you are at this level, your system will have started thoroughly acclimatizing. For the uninitiated, the climb can be 5-8 hours but for experienced mountaineers, it can be accomplished within 4-6 hours.

Climbing Mount Everest Camp 4 Death zone 8000m

It is a plateau like edge of the world waiting for you at the end of your Lhotse wall climb. You can further move on to the final trek towards the summit once you have camped at this place.

The final summit and the climb back (8848m)

The glorious climb is exhilarating and most treacherous. How long does it take to climb Mount Everest to the top? At this point, you would want to finish the trek with your steps finally on the peak but remember to be very careful and not give in to exhaustion. The frequency of accidents is higher when climbing down from the peak and you should always be prepared with enough oxygen levels before you start the climb down. The entire experience will take about 4-8 hours depending upon your stamina and weather conditions. Everest expedition and Everest region trekking tours packages listed here.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest

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