Annapurna conservation area travel guide for tourism

Annapurna conservation area

Annapurna conservation area travel guide ACAP project Nepal

The Annapurna conservation area 7,629 sq. km is the largest protected region in all of Nepal, it is very well known to protect the whole of Annapurna ranges which belong to the Himalayas and this conservation area covers about five districts which includes of Manang, Lamjung and others, the highest peak in the Annapurna conservation area is around 8,091 m which is very high in many standards.Annapurna i

Annapurna region is conserved and is protected by the National Trust for Nature Conservation; it was initially established in 1985 to conserve the flora, fauna, biodiversity, ecosystem of Himalayan region. It has some of the most amazing landscapes in whole of Nepal making this region high attractive and alluring in as many ways possible.

Since the first trekker trek to the Annapurna area in 1957, the natural and cultural features of ACAP Nepal have made it the most popular tourist destination in Nepal, drawing more than 60 per cent of the country’s total trekkers. Annapurna conservation area is well known as a best trekking destination in the world, some trip to discover Annapurna sanctuary listed here.

Trips to Annapurna conservation area travel guide

Annapurna circuit trek                       Annapurna base camp trek Annapurna conservation area travel guide for tourism
Jomsom muktinath trek                     Upper mustang trek
Poon hill trek                                              Nar phu valley trek
Siklis trek                                                      Royal trek
Panchase trek                                            Mardi himal trek
Khopra danda trek                                 Mustang teri la pass trek
Damodar kunda trek                            Tilicho lake trek
Annapurna trek                                        Luxury Annapurna trek

Highlighted feature of Annapurna conservation area are the 10th highest peak and the deepest George of the world. There are two different types of climatic in whole of the Annapurna region which ranges within the distance of 120 kilometres. With the changes in the altitude from around 1000 km to 8000 km the rainfall of the region also changes which forces it to move in a new and different manner and the rainfall would generally be more in the south region of the conservation area and the north region the upper mustang is rain shadows area.

This region of the protected region is very useful in accommodating around 100,000 people who require help and can offer vast amount of diversity in purity. This region is highly safe and cultural in many ways and the plants present in the area is around 1226 species whereas there are around 103 mammals, 39 species of reptiles and 22 species of amphibians and 478 species of birds are recorded, including endangered species of snow leopard, musk deer, Tibetan argali and Tibetan wolf.

Annapurna area has the deepest river gorge which makes it one of the most attractive features, the Kali Gandaki Gorge. There are several other reasons why a person should always go to this place and it is due to the highly attractive Annapurna range Nepal.

The mountain ranges, the animals, the birds and even a backward world with a natural feel can be one of the most satisfying feeling and its mountains present in this river are highly useful to write and can give you the feeling your eternity and peace without much expenditure and a lot of help.

Annapurna conservation area is the perfect destination for Adventure tours like trekking, hiking, tour, climbing, mountaineering etc. If you interested to explore or need more information about Annapurna conservation area tours fell free to contact us.