Himalaya fishing tours to enjoy the boating and fishing in Nepal

Cottage Chitwan Rapti riverbank Boating and fishing Nepal

Boating and fishing Nepal Jamu

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. It has lots and lots of exciting activities that can energize people in a wide way. This country is between India and China. It has more than eight peaks with more than an altitude of 8000m high. This attracts tourists towards this country for activities like trekking, mountain climbing and other adventurous activities.

These risky activities can improve the focus and concentration of the people. In that way it also helps one improve their health in a better way. Boating is a common means of transport in plane region Nepal; boating trip can be done at various locations like rivers, ponds and lakes. Traditional canoe style boating can be done in major river and the rivers nearby the Chitwan like Narayani and Rapati.

Phewa Lake Pokhara a popular destination for verity of recreational activities like boating. It is the second largest lake in the kingdom and measures roughly 1.5 by 4 km. Fishing trips on white waters are generally organized before and after the monsoons from February through April and October through November.

Fishing is a major occupation of few ethnic groups of people like Bhote, Majhi, Tharu, and Machhuwar. In addition to the activities that are based on land, there are commotions based on water as well.One can also go in for a boating in the rivers of Nepal which can really be more refreshing. In addition to boating people can also do fishing with proper permission from the authorities.

These sorts of activities in the water can make people fly in the air. People can have a peaceful vacation by boating and fishing in the wonderful rivers of Nepal. Different kinds of boats are available for boating like Row-boats, Pedal-driven boats and Sail boats in given locations.

Lovers of fishing and angling can have great time in Nepal because there are many good places for pleasure fishing and angling. Some popular river for rafting, angling, kayaking and boating and fishing in Nepal listed here.

Boating and fishing Nepal trips

Trishuli river rafting                                                  Bhote koshi river rafting
Kali gandaki river rafting                                       Sun koshi river rafting
Karnali river rafting                                                   Bheri river rafting
Seti river rafting                                                          Arun river rafting
Tamur river rafting

Nepal has a lot of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. People can find a wide variety of species in these parks and sanctuaries and can explore the activities of the animals in their own places. This is achieved by means of a soft activity like Bird watching, nature walk, jungle safari etc.

These sorts of activities can really give people a lots and lots of fun along with more of knowledge about the flora and fauna of Nepal. Nepal, a rich country for water resources, provides an array of options for boating and fishing Nepal. There about 117 verities of fresh-water fish found in Nepal.

We organize Himalaya fishing tours in Pokhara, Chitwan, Bardia, Koshi tappu and other major rivers on request as per the desire and duration of holidays. If you interested for Boating and Fishing in Nepal on the open rivers to catch the fish fell free to contact us.