Details about best adventurous outdoor activities in Nepal

Outdoor activities Nepal

Recreational outdoor Activities Nepal

Nepal is one of the most stunning countries with a wide variety of recreational activities in it. We are promoting tourism in Nepal and arrange various interesting, exciting and adventurous things to do for the travelers who visiting Nepal. We specialize in conducting different types of hiking as well as trekking.

However, these mountain trips are not the only activities that are arranged for the tourists. The tourists are offered a variety of interesting and exciting recreational activities in Nepal. The adventurous things to do are listed below choose recreational outdoor activities Nepal according to your adventure sought.

The most popular recreational outdoor activity in Nepal is trekking. Dry and warm times, between March and June, or between September and November, are best for trekking in Nepal. Those who go for trekking have the great opportunity to enjoy the various mountain views such as the Everest, Makalu, Annapurna, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri and many other majestic peaks of the Himalayas. Routes filled with tea shops, accommodating villages on the way, exposure to local cultures and ethnic groups, sights of rare wild animals and birds etc make trekking in Nepal amazing.

Outdoor activities Nepal

Annapurna trekking                   Everest trekking
Manaslu trekking                         Langtang trekking
Makalu trekking                           Kanchenjunga treks
Dolpo trekking                               Rolwaling trekking
Island peak trek                             Dhaulagiri trekking

Short day tours or multi day hiking trips are quite different than trekking trips all levels of tourists can enjoy the hiking trips. Short hiking holiday treks are listed below offers great mountain views; trekkers can enjoy the natural beauty of the diverse landscapes and also the enchanting villages enjoy adventurous things to do.

Everest hiking                                           Annapurna hiking
Pokhara hiking                                         Kathmandu hiking
Annapurna base camp trek             Everest base camp trek
Gokyo lake trek                                      Poon hill trek
Upper mustang trek                             Annapurna circuit trek
Langtang valley trek                            Manaslu circuit trek 

Mountaineering in Nepal is the most challenging but a rewarding adventure trip of the Himalayas. With a number of famous peaks in the range of 6000 meters to 8000 meters, Nepal is one of the top choices for mountaineering experts, as well as beginners.

While Pumori, Baruntse, Ama dablam etc are popular among those who like to experience heights between 6000 meters and 7000 meters, for those who want even more challenge, peaks that near 8000 meters, like Makalu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga etc, are top choices. We arrange all necessary paperwork for expedition / climbing permit and all other arrangement for mountaineering expedition in Nepal.

Everest expedition                               Island peak climbing
Mera peak climbing                              Manaslu expedition
Ama Dablam expedition                    Lobuche peak climbing
Chulu East climbing                               Makalu expedition
Kanchenjunga expedition                Baruntse expedition

Jungle safari
The jungle safari Nepal trips across the nine national parks are highly exciting as well as pleasant. Conservation areas and hunting reserves are also best for outdoors jungle activities. People of all age groups can enjoy these trips like nature walk, cultural tours and safari either on back of elephant or on jeep. Jungle safari is the perfect trip to observe the wild lives in their own natural habitat.

Bardia jungle safari                                 Chitwan jungle safari
Koshi tappu jungle safari

 Sightseeing and tours
Sightseeing trip and tours provides the tourists insight into the culture and history of the city. The tourists can see many cultural, religious and historic sites of Nepal. Popular sightseeing trips are listed below recommended outdoor activities Nepal for all level of travelers.

Kathmandu sightseeing                                Pokhara sightseeing
Bhaktapur sightseeing                                   Lumbini sightseeing
Lumbini tour                                                          Muktinath tour
Family tours                                                           Buddhist pilgrimage tour
Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour        Kathmandu Pokhara tour
Nepal tours                                                             Kathmandu tours

Nepal is known for the Himalaya ranges as well as the rivers that originate from the snow-capped mountains. For those who opt for adventure sports, rafting and kayaking through these mighty rivers is highly thrilling as well as exciting.  Nepal the second largest country of water resources, lots of river and waterfalls it is one of the best destination for rafting, kayaking and Canyoning.

Bhote koshi river rafting             Trishuli river rafting
Karnali river rafting                        Sun koshi river rafting
Seti river rafting                               Kali gandaki river rafting
Tamur river rafting                         Arun river rafting
Bheri river rafting

Bungee jumping
Nepal offers the best Bungee jumps of the world. Bungee jumping is a popular adventure sport in Nepal. One of the popular Bungee jumping sites in Nepal is above the roaring Bhote Koshi River close to the Nepal – Tibet border. The free fall will end just inches above the river. It considered as one of the top 10 highest bungee jumps in the world, If you want to experience a 525 feet bungee jump in Nepal we are here to organize your trip.

With changing elevations and huge differences between the highs and lows, Nepal is a heaven for gliders. Kathmandu, Pokhara and many other regions are filled with reliable guides who help tourists experience paragliding above dream-like sceneries.

Mountain flight
For those travelers who want to view the breathtaking mountains, waters, and forests from the sky, but at the same, do not want much risk, mountain flight can be a great activity. In Nepal, we are offering mountain flight trips on small but advanced air-crafts.

Zip flying
If you want to experience the most extreme zip flyer in the world, Pokhara in Nepal is where you need to go. With a zip line above dense forests and spectacular views of Annapurna and covering a distance of nearly 2 kilometers, the 100 mph rush with a vertical drop of 2000 ft is sure to get adrenaline rushing.

Bird watching
Bird watching programs designed to show the more than 848 species of birds which found in Nepal. Main spots of bird watching tours in Nepal are Koshi tappu, Chitwan and Bardia national park. Nepal’s diverse topography and climate makes perfect habitats for about 8% total bird of the World.

Mountain Biking
On road and off road as well as a uphill and downhill biking, the geographic variation of Nepal make superb destination of the world. We organize Nepal mountain biking trip according to your desire and duration of holidays. Beside that we arrange Nepal Tibet challenging biking trip via Everest base camp north (Tibet) side to Lhasa. It is most challenging biking trip of the world.

Rock climbing
Rock climbing in Nepal is recently introduced in Nepal only few rock climbing spots that are located near Kathmandu are popular. There are lots of possibility and rock climbing spots in Nepal all of them are still unexplored. We arrange indoor and outdoor rock climbing trip according climbers requirement. It can be combined with hiking, bird watching and other outdoor activities Nepal also.

Nepal is one of the perfect destinations for nature photography; there are lots of other possibilities like cultural events, archaeological factor, visit to the museums and the well known great Himalayan range and hidden valleys untouched by the modernity.

There are lots of possibility and recreational outdoor activities Nepal we only describe some here visit Nepal to take taste of these activities once in a lifetime. Nepal is rich in art and culture and its geographic location as well as awe-inspiring landscapes with verity of adventurous things to do make it a country of great tourist attraction.