The last resort is the best places for bungee jumping Nepal

Bungee jumping Nepal – Ultimate bungy Jump Nepal

Bungee jumping adventure in Nepal might be the most amazing bungy jump in the world. Bungee jumping is one of the favorite ways for adventure lovers to experience adrenaline rush. While there are many places in the world which are known for offering amazing bungee jumping Nepal, falling freely from a bridge in Nepal has a uniqueness of its own.

The Last Resort is the place where all bungee sport lovers head to in Nepal. Although the experience is not as high as that offered by the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, USA, or the Macau Tower, China, at 160 meters, the suspension bridge in Nepal is still pretty high! Bungee jumping Nepal is a highest places bungee jump and the longest free-falls in the world, about 160meters high. Ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can now be experienced in Nepal stunning natural surrounding located near Tibetan border.

In order to feel weightless, you will have to embrace a journey of 4 hours, filled with spectacular natural views, from Kathmandu to Tatopani where the courteous staff of The Last Resort will welcome you. The bridge is located over Bhote Koshi River and offers an amazing view from above. The resort is not only very relaxing due to the green surroundings devoid of pollution but it also has people associated who are truly professional in every sense of the word. That is exactly why it has the certificate of excellence from trip adviser to its credit.

After arrival at the Bungy jumping point, jump master briefing about Bungee jumping, normal medical checkup and other preparation for upcoming Bungee jump over Bhote Koshi River, Arniko Highway about 12km of Nepal, China border Friendship Bridge.

You can choose from a variety of options, depending on your budget and needs. While there is the choice to choose Bungy jumping Nepal with only transportation and lunch, if you prefer you can decide to stay the night in the last resort too.

With nice camps and great food, this clean resort can truly provide a serene experience if you are open to the idea. Other than that the resort provides photographs and DVDs of your jump for additional cost to equip you with boasting rights!

The great thing about experiencing bungee jump in The Last Resort is that you get to forget the whole world and immerse yourself in the moment for the day. Besides, the costs are pretty affordable too which makes everything all the more exciting!

1) Price for all foreigners : Euro 85 per person
2) Price without jump (only for the friends of jumping guest): Euro 20 (per person)
4) Trip available days: (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Friday)

*(Above cost is subject to change without prior notice)

After complete bungy jumping Nepal then either drive back to Kathmandu or overnight stay at the last resort but overnight cost is not included in given price. Recently bungee jumping started in Pokhara also if you interested for bungee jumping in Pokhara. Remember us to book the bungee jumping spots in Nepal, if you need more information ultimate bungy Jump cost for Nepali and foreigners fell free to contact us.