Ultra light flight in Pokhara price by Microlight aircraft Nepal

Ultra light flight in Pokhara or micro flight Pokhara

The ultra light flight in Pokhara ensures undisturbed panoramic views of the mighty Himalayan range as well as the enchanting lakes, villages, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu Mountains and picturesque landscape. Those who are desirous of going near the mountain peaks may take the ultra light flight in Pokhara when the aircraft soars into the blue skies they feel like touching the silvery mountain peaks.

Ultralight aircraft’s safely carry the passengers, in each craft there are only two seats for a passenger and a pilot. Microlight aircraft flight can even take off and land in a field or on a dirt road.
Microlight aircraft in Pokhara introduced in Nepal since 1996 then regularly offering ultra flights in Pokhara city from Pokhara airport. Micro flight Pokhara are operating from sunrise till 11am and from 3pm till sunset on the months from September through June.

It is a quiet and peaceful experience without fear, floating comfortably in the clouds. During the flight one can enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas as well as the Phewa Lake in Pokhara from a bird’s eye view.
The ultra flights can be operated easily and the taking off as well; flight ascends to a maximum height of 5000 feet, about 50 – 100 km speed per hour around Pokhara valley.

Light weight small airplane with an engine provides unique, safe and fun way to fly without any danger or risk. The flight is operation depends on the weather conditions in Pokhara valley. The journey in the ultra light flight in Pokhara is a unique experience, cost, services and package of ultra light trip given below.

Ultra light flight in Pokhara price

1) 15 minute flight (fly for fun)
Price: $90.00
2) 30 minute flight (glory of Mount Fishtail)
Price: $160.00
3) 60 minute flight (Mountain range sky trek)
Price: $375.00
*(Above cost is subject to change without prior notice)

Pokhara is a perfect blend of mountain and plateau and the journey by the ultra flight in Pokhara is the ideal way to explore the natural beauty of this place. We provide ultra light flight booking service; if you need more information about Microlight aircraft flight Pokhara fell free to contact us.