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Eco-tourism Nepal - green tourism

Sustainable green Eco tourism Nepal

Eco-tourism Nepal is introduced in order to promote sustainable tourism so that the industry can generate a lot of job opportunities and thereby eradicate poverty. Eco tourism or Green tourism will protect the environment and will never destroy the various natural resources.

By way of promoting Eco tourism in Nepal, more opportunities are created for tourism thereby helping the industry to flourish but with minimum impact on wild life and environment. Since Nepal attracts the trekkers and mountaineers from all parts of the world, Eco tourism in Nepal is a perfect blend of adventure and international green tourism. We offer a wide variety of eco tourism facilities and tour packages for the travelers some popular of them are listed here.

Ecology Green tourism in Nepal

Everest base camp trek                       Manaslu circuit trek
Poon hill trek                                               Annapurna circuit trek
Annapurna base camp trek               Kanchenjunga base camp trek
Jiri to Everest base camp trek        Langtang valley trek
Gokyo lake trek                                        Everest view trek

The Himalayan range, the awe-inspiring landscapes, the rich flora, wildlife, the mountain rivers and rich cultural heritage make Nepal one of the most wonderful destinations for eco tourism in the world. Naturally beautiful Nepal and its diverse beauty important to save forever it’s our main responsibility.

Growing tourism business may harm the environment and culture it is necessary to think about it seriously to keep ecological sustainability. Ethical code of conducts is to become a responsible and practice Eco-tourism Nepal listed here that we are following. Eco tourism Nepal

1, Minimize impact
2, Build environmental and cultural awareness
3, Provide positive experience for guests and agency
4, Provide direct economic benefits for conservation
5, Respect local culture and tradition
6, Provide economic payback and empower the local community
7, Raise sensitivity to host countries’ political, environmental, and social

Green tourism Nepal is long term based and it ensures to meet the demand for tourism with no negative impact on nature. However, in order to protect the environment there will be no compromise on the quality of services that are offered to the tourists.

When the entire humanity is worried about global warming and other dangers to the nature, the eco tourism goes a long way in creating awareness among the tourists about sustainable as well as environment-friendly tourism. Though the tourists require all essential services such as transportation, communication, heating, cooking, entertainment, etc, the promoters of Eco-tourism Nepal show them how to minimize the negative impact of all such activities on nature by way of adopting Eco-friendly methods. The environmentally conscious tourists and the highly responsible and committed tour operators together make the Eco tourism in Nepal a grand success as s well as a best example of eco tourism Nepal.

Eco tourism Nepal Himalayas

Upper dolpo trek                                      Upper mustang trek
Jiri to Everest base camp trek        Tamang heritage trek
Renjo la pass trek                                     Cho la pass trek
Everest high pass trek                          Rolwaling valley trek
Langtang helambu trek                        Manaslu base camp trek
Makalu base camp trek                       Helambu trek
Mardi himal trek                                      Jomsom muktinath trek
Pathibhara trek                                         Lower dolpo trek
Luxury Everest trek                              Luxury Annapurna trek

The environment as well as the local community was affected due to the activities on the trekking trails. The growing number of tea houses along the trekking trails caused drastic increase in the demand for wood and fuel. The amount of accumulated waste without proper mechanism for disposal also became a severe health hazard.

All these outcomes caused major health problems for the local people. We organize awareness campaigns, committed to prevent harmful activities to the planet, leave the minimum footprint on nature as well as the local community so that the future generations also will be benefited.

Sustainable tourism is our one of the mission objective, since our established we always concuss about culture, ecosystem and environment. Remember us to organize eco friendly trip all over Nepal as per you desire and duration of holidays.