Responsible travel Nepal practice responsible tourism in Nepal

Responsible travel Nepal

Responsible travel Nepal

The responsible travel and tourism that has been developed in Nepal is exclusive because the ever welcoming and friendly community of the Nepalese villages is an integral part of the same. Snow capped Himalayan peaks, the picturesque landscapes, the beautiful villages and the welcoming people all these factors contribute to Nepal’s position as a unique part of the world.

Before starting each trip company brief the code and conduct of responsible tourism and run the trips. To practice the ethical tourism in Nepal, agency, travelers and villagers all have to go together but the local villagers play the vital role to ensure sustainability. When you are traveling to Nepal villagers host the guest, agency becomes the bridge to get benefit of both the guests and hosts community.

Being a local responsible travel agency aimed at promoting tourism as a way of life for the village people in remote places who struggle for survival and are forced to migrate to cities in search of their bread and butter. Our ethical tourism is developed in these villages the strength and skills of the village people are properly utilized thereby ensuring their economic development.

We use local product, staff environment friendly and sustainability is ensured they need not struggle for their survival. The villagers treat the tourists as their valued guests. The guests are offered comfortable as well as pleasant accommodation in host family house or the guest houses owned by the villagers.

Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of the landscape, the tourists get the opportunity to explore the culture, traditions and life-style of the villagers. Host families are also able to learn a lot from their guests about other places, people, lifestyle and countries in the world.

Villagers share the work and also share the profit from the tourism activities. Cultural exchange will be an on-going process. The visitors to Nepal are spellbound with the hospitality and quality of service that they receive from the villagers. Some popular responsible travel trips to Nepal listed here.

Responsible travel Nepal trips

Everest base camp trek                       Annapurna base camp trek
Poon hill trek                                               Upper mustang trek
Gokyo lake trek                                        Everest view trek
Jiri to Everest base camp trek         Annapurna circuit trek
Manaslu circuit trek                               Tsum valley trek
Langtang valley trek                               Makalu base camp trek
Mardi himal trek                                        Tamang heritage trek
Tashi lapcha pass trek                            Rolwaling valley trek
Helambu trek                                              Kanchenjunga base camp trek
Lower dolpo trek                                      Rara lake trek
Around Dhaulagiri trek                       Upper dolpo trek

We are the real promoters of socially, culturally and naturally responsible travel Nepal offers verity of single, family and group vacations in the Himalayas Nepal. Walking in Nature trails of Nepal with us to become responsible travelers, contribute in environment and community to make positive difference and achieve the goal of responsible travel Nepal.