Filming tours Nepal film, TV series, documentary shooting in Nepal

Filming tours Nepal Film, TV series, documentary shooting Nepal

Filming shooting trip Nepal is the great chance of expressing your talent as a filmmaker. Are you finding for your talent to be revealed? Then surely visit the heavenly land Nepal for filming tours. People from all across the world visit Nepal for trekking, mountain climbing, and many others. It has been the land for Buddhist preachers to convey their praying to Lord Buddha. Filming tours Nepal and Film shooting Nepal

Being surrounded by snow and revealing natural beauty of flora and fauna Nepal, top of the world Mt. Everest has exotically attracted filming people’s to get their shoots done. In fact apart from its relevant features, it has also been a place for tourism on a large basis. It’s natural river flow, mountains, temples, etc. are the most eye catching view which has attracted filming people from time to time. As a whole enriched diversity!

Why film in Nepal?
Nepal has been a collection of all rich diversity of beauty. Its magnificent beauty produces entire opportunity for the filmmakers to film easily and gets whatever shot they want. Usually, in a normal filming people needs to move for a better service of films spots. But Nepal has an entire spot within its own bag. Thus, film makers need not have to move on anywhere.

Eventually, at places other than Nepal you would require doing perform a large heavy paperwork for filming permission. But fortunately, such works gets easier when the choice points towards Nepal. We organize filming, TV series, commercials, feature films and documentary making trip to Nepal and arrange necessary resources for film shooting all over Nepal.

Requirements needed to be done for filming tours Nepal:
Would like to make an exciting film or movie regarding highest peak of the planet then we are here to arrange your all kinds of arrangement for, filming trip to the Himalayas. Filming has been an overwhelming job in today’s era. It has brought in a large volume of people from all across the world.
But fortunately, for filming you probably need a place with beauty. This beauty spot would gain you multiple chances of showing your talent.

Filming tours Nepal

Especially at other spots places booking or permission of filming includes a huge process but in Nepal it has been reduced with these steps:

  • Application form
  • Synopsis
  • Bio data of its members
  • List of tools being brought up
  • Date of finishing
  • Letters of consent

These all conditions when gets satisfied one can easily start up their job.
Filming tours in Nepal in such a beauty of nature has been a dream of every filmmaker. Thus, come and get your dreams fulfilled. Base Camp Excursion always ready to make filming tours Nepal hassle free and help to prepare all paper works, custom clearance, crew support, latest equipment’s, permits, food, accommodations, security, location management for shooting do not hesitate to write us.