Nepal rafting trips detail to book white water rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal trips overview

Rafting in Nepal is an adventurous sport which involved lots of fun and excitement. You can do rafting in Nepal as there are lot of rivers here to enjoy this sport. White water rafting could be done in Nepal. It is a wonderful way to explore the scenic beauty of this country, remote villages along with its superb wildlife. waterfall near white water rafting in Nepal

The main rivers of Nepal are Karnali, Gandaki and the Koshi. White water rafting trips could cover the rafting packages. These could be covered in different number of days and depends upon the time available with you.

For instance rafting in Koshi and Karnali River may take up to ten days while Bhote koshi and Trisuli river rafting could be done within a day. White water rafting trips Nepal would be a magical experience with water along with being a great adventure. With fantastic rapids, it could turn out to be an experience of lifetime.

Sun Koshi rafting is one of the most popular rafting in Nepal and listed in top ten rafting river in the world. In Nepalese rivers you can find the world’s most thrilling white water with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping and get unique rafting experience.

White water rafting in Nepal trips

Trishuli River rafting                                           Sun Koshi rafting
Bhote koshi rafting                                                Karnali river rafting
Kali Gandaki rafting                                              Seti river rafting
Tamur River rafting                                                Arun river rafting
Bheri River rafting

Karnali River being Nepal’s longest river would offer you a great way to explore the lovely forests and charismatic valleys. You can discover the majestic Himalayan peaks with Arun river rafting. With ultimate rivers of Nepal you can enjoy rafting with amazing canyons and depending upon the level of adventure you are seeking, you can select from the various options of rafting in NepalRafting in Nepal.

If you are a beginner then Lower Seti rafting could be a great choice as the volume of water here is comparatively smaller. Also rafting trip prices may vary depending upon the rivers and the time taken. You can have a great experience through Mountain River in Nepal.

Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water resources. All major rivers created from the Himalayas and running down the mountains offers tremendous exciting experience of white water rafting in Nepal. Enjoy white water rafting in Nepal with our experienced guide, skilled boat captain, chefs and other river crews are fully trained including river rescue.

For those who love rafting, Nepal is no less that paradise filled with rivers for them as it is filled with so many beautiful rivers passing through the scenic landscapes of this country. Kayaking in Nepal could be done and for those who wish to experience the majestic waters of these rivers this would be like dream come true. With kayaking in Nepal, you can catch spectacular glimpses of the natural landscapes of this country.

Crystal clear water of these rivers would leave you amazed. White water rafting trips would help you to discover these rivers with great closeness along with enjoying the magnificent views that this wonderful country has to offer. Before boarding the boat, you will get your equipment, like the life jacket and paddle; river guides brief all the aspects of rafting and river safety before starting of white water journey. We organize white water rafting day and multi day’s trips for rafting enthusiasts from beginner to experts.