Mount Manaslu 8163 m facts the 8th highest peak of world

manaslu conservation area

Manaslu mountain 8,163 m the 8th highest peak

The elevation of Mount Manaslu which is in Nepal is 8156 meters and it has the distinction as the eighth highest mountain peak in the world. Situated in northern Nepal and is 40 miles east of Annapurna located along the border of Nepal and China.

The peak of Manaslu is steep and sharp. The landscape around with an area of about 642 sq miles is designated as the Manaslu Conservation Area in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the place and various valuable natural resources. Another purpose of making it a conservation area is to promote Eco tourism and to improve the living standard of the local community.

Manaslu is considered as a dangerous peak because of the high fatality rate of climbers and the avalanche risks. The name of this peak is derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa and can be roughly translated as Mountain of Spirit. This region is a finest trekking destination in Nepal, opened for trekking since 1991.

But lots of mountaineering expedition teams had access for long time. In 1950 H.W. Tilman trekking in Manaslu region first time and ever since this region has been quite popular between trekkers. First successful summit was made by Japanese climbers in 1956. Till now it is more frequented by Japanese adventure lovers.

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This area is the destination for only the highly adventurous climbers who crave for off-the-beaten paths for their expeditions. Under normal conditions, it is rather easy to climb Manaslu. However, it has an alarming death rate of 35%. There had been more than 30 avalanche fatalities in the history of Mt Manaslu facts.

In 1972, two Korean climbers died and in 1990 two American mountaineers lost their lives in a slide. Avalanches make the major hazard for the climbers of this peak right from the base camp to the high camp.
The Mount Manaslu trekking is known for its unparalleled natural beauty, its biological diversity and the rich cultural heritage. The trek starts from either Gorkha Bazaar or Arughat Bazaar and ends in Basisahar. Gorkha itself is a historical place, where King Prithibi Narayan Shaha was born.

Prithibi Narayan Shaha is the first king of Nepal, who makes present Nepal from more than 75 sub countries. Up to Larkye La Pass the trek follows the Budi Gandagi River. The trekkers can enjoy the stunning views of Himalchuli, Ganesh Himal and Ngadi Chuli. The landscape has awe-inspiring beauty because of its different flora and fauna.

Here, one can find a blend of Tibetan and Nepalese culture. Along the circuit trek one can see many ancient monasteries and here the trekkers can experience a typical village life. The trekkers get the opportunity to learn about the living of the local people. While returning, the trekkers pass through beautiful rhododendron forests.

It is controlled area, it required special permit to organized trekking and limited number of groups get travel permit each year. Perfect combination of rich mountain biological diversity, beside that its diverse culture, Nature, wonderful landscape as well as challenging trails along Budi Gandaki valley are highlighted features of this area of Nepal.