Nepal kayak clinic offers white water kayaking course Nepal

White water kayaking course Nepal

White water kayaking in Nepal at Nepal kayak clinic school

Nepal is one of the bold countries with lots of amazing activities available to entertain the tourists visiting the country. Let us discuss about one such exciting activity which is called as white water Kayaking. White water Kayaking is an adventurous activity where in the person has to racket the water back in a calm manner or has to dive into the wide river. Rafting in NepalThis sport has about six levels in it.

The first level being the easiest and the last the toughest level, i.e. in case of first level the water is quite easy to paddle back whereas in the last level it is the other way round.

KAYAK is nothing but the boat which people use to paddle back the water. These KAYAK’s are made from the skin of the animals and it is stretched to form the body of the boat. White water Kayaking is never an easy sport. Kayak course in Nepal is one most risky sport. Prior training is highly required to perform the sport in a proper manner. There are lots of cons with this sport.

There are chances that the person may die or get badly injured because of the presence of hard rocks in the water. The major rivers which are open for rafting listed below we offer White water Kayak course Nepal in these rivers as per the requirements of the adventurers.

White water kayaking course Nepal

Bhote koshi rafting             Trishuli river rafting
Karnali river rafting           Sun koshi river rafting
Seti river rafting                   Kali gandaki river rafting
Tamur river rafting             Arun river rafting
Bheri river rafting

Bhote koshi river raftingWe organize Nepal kayak clinic course twice a year with rafting company (our sister concern) and provide safety tips and tricks at Nepal kayak school which make participate perfect for kayaking in Nepal. Though the dangers can be reduced it cannot be avoided. So one has to learn the sport well and should use the equipment’s involved with the sport in a proper manner.

Practice the sport in the right way and enjoy the adventurous journey. We organize White water Kayaking course Nepal March to May and October to December email us to check the course and space availability.