Best nature walk and wildlife tours in Nepal

Wildlife tours in Nepal

Wildlife tours in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country that is highly rich in its fauna and flora. Nepal has a great biodiversity with its national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries. Bardia and Chitwan national parks are the best place to have a great exploration of wildlife in Nepal. Chitwan is one of the most famous national parks of Nepal.Koshi tappu wildlife reserve

The best activities in the parks are the elephant riding, nature walking, bird watching, jeep safari and canoeing riding. The park has a large number of Bengal tigers and other animals like the golden jackal, pythons, cobra, rhinoceros, foxes, fishing cats, wild dogs, leopards etc. Besides this, the park has a varied amount of birds that add more fun during wildlife tours in Nepal.

Jungle safari becomes worthwhile when exploring the forest by jeep or elephant or Nature walk, jungle biking. These are the ultimate activity in Chitwan and Bardia national parks Nepal. It is always so relaxing to have a jungle safari because of the pleasing environment around the place.

The greenish plants and the cool breeze can astonish people experiencing the jungle safari in Nepal. Another fantastic activity in the national parks of Nepal is the jungle walk to have a relaxing walk in the green rain forest. It is a pleasing experience and can improve the concentration of the mind. Popular jungle safari wildlife tour packages listed below choose perfect trip and make wildlife tours in Nepal memorable forever.

Wildlife tours in Nepal packages

Bardia jungle safari                      Chitwan jungle safari
Bird watching tours                     Koshi tappu jungle safari

This is one other special activity in Nepal national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas. It is so exciting to watch the birds in their own environment. It can be a hobby to many and bird watching is quite interesting as well. This activity is also predominant in Nepal.

There are 9 national parks, 6 wildlife reserve and 4 conservation areas it covers 19.7 percent land mass of total territory of Nepal. There is not many country in the world like Nepal which naturally beautiful and it is perfect place of wildlife tours but takes long time to explore the all wild life habitat parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas in this way wildlife tours in Nepal can give people a lot of pleasure.

We organize wildlife tours in Nepal most of the Parks, Reserves and conservation areas. Let us to know your holiday duration and subject of interest, we are happy to design your own wildlife tours Nepal itinerary to make your dream true.