Climbing in Nepal

Climbing in Nepal info
Peak climbing is a major tourism activity for adventure travel in Nepal. Nepal Mountaineering Association Nepal issues the peak climbing permit to climb the mountains of Nepal bellow 2,200 ft. Peak climbing permit fees depends on the number of climbers, group size and category of the climbing peak. In Nepal there are 33 trekking peaks were open for climbing under the Nepal mountaineering association and these 33 climbing peak Nepal divided in two categories, group “A” climbing peaks and group “B” climbing peaks. You can choose mountaineering adventure sport according to your desire to organize the peak summit in mountain area. Beside this 33 NMA peak there are some other peaks were also open for climbing in Nepal for these climbing peaks it is necessary to take permission throw the ministry of tourism in Nepal, when ministry of tourism issue the climbing permit then we can organize the summit in these peaks. It is little bit long and difficult process to take the permission for climbing in Nepal. Nepal mountaineering association have 15 group “A” trekking peaks and 18 Group “B” trekking peaks. For these 33 NMA peaks required climbing permit through government registered trekking agency or trekking company of Nepal but trekking agency should be member of Nepal mountaineering association to get the permission and issue the peak permit for climbing in Nepal.
We are the Member of NMA in this way we operates all climbing and adventure sports in Himalayan region Nepal, In given 33 climbing peak which you prefer. Our long experience in Himalayas ensure to make your peak climbing experience successful because we have qualified and experience climbing Sherpa and Mountain guide for climbing in Nepal. Base camp trekking agency Nepal operates group and individual according to Guest requirements and interest. Before starting Peak climbing trip in Nepal, for beginner climbing enthusiasts we provides the one day Rock climbing course, preparation for upcoming peak climbing adventure, which is bonus for your upcoming expedition. It should be noted that in most cases the climbing in these Trekking Peaks required snow and Ice climbing experience. We inform you to prepare all personal mountain climbing gear before starting peak climbing. you have to bring climbing equipment like climbing harness climbing rope climbing shoes, climbing helmets, climbing grips, climbing clothes, climbing carabineer, climbing knots etc. you can find all Climbing equipment at climbing shop otherwise you can get climbing gear/climbing equipment hiring service in Kathmandu throw us.
Base camp trekking  agency Nepal provides you experience and trained climbing guides to take non climbers for convenience, safety and expected successes. The royalty for these climbing peaks Nepal ranges from 150.00 US$ to 350.00 US$ depending on the particular peak for up to 10 member peak climbing team you have to collect $250 garbage deposit also. Generally base camp trekking agency Nepal will be able to arrange or issue the trekking peak permit within 24 hours. Preparation for climbing in trekking peak is far simpler than for an expedition. Peak climbing period for most of the trekking peaks Nepal rarely exceeds more than a few days so large amounts of base camp equipment are not usually required. Also, due to their relatively low altitude, the amount of climbing equipment required is proportionally less. In general, preparation for climbing a trekking peak is little bit different from preparing for treks in Nepal. Trekking peak ascent some of them is possible during the winter season as well as spring and autumn.
Most popular trekking peaks of Nepal are Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche Peak, Yala peak, Pisang Peak, Singu chuli, Tharpu Chuli, Chulu east peak etc. Peak climbing is a popular but challenging adventure tour in Himalayan region same adventure sport is almost impossible to find anywhere in the world. Remember us all kind of trekking peak and obtaining permission, providing support staffs including high altitude climbing assistants, porters and cook for peak climbing in Nepal. All peak climbing itineraries of base camp trek Nepal are designed by the experienced climbers. Therefore, be wise enough to choose the real adventure and trustworthy company. There are compiled list of peak climbing vacations in Nepal. We will provide you following Peak climbing service, summit package including total information about peak climbing in Himalayan region Nepal. The list of climbing peaks Nepal which is open for climbing in Nepal under Nepal mountaineering association (NMA). If you are interested in any of these peak climbing adventure tour packages Nepal, or need more information about climbing peaks of Himalayas fell free to contact us.

Nepal mountaineering association (NMA) climbing peak list Nepal
Group A climbing peak Height Group B climbing peak Height
Cholatse peak climbing 6440 M. Shigu Chuli climbing 6501 M.
Machermo peak climbing 6237 M. Mera Peak climbing 6654 M.
Kyazo Ri peak climbing 6186 M. Kusum Kangru climbing 6367 M.
Nirekha peak climbing 6186 M. Kwandge Peak climbing 6011 M.
Langsisa Ri peak climbing 6427 M. Chulu West climbing 6419 M.
Ombigaichen peak climbing 6340 M. Island Peak climbing 6160 M.
Bokta peak climbing 6143 M. Pharchamo Peak climbing 6187 M.
Chekijo peak climbing 6257 M. Lobuje Peak climbing 6119 M.
Phari Lapcha peak climbing 6017 M. Ramdung Peak climbing 5925 M.
Lobuje West peak climbing 6145M. Pisang Peak climbing 6091 M.
Larkya Peak climbing 6249 M. Tharpu Chuli climbing 5663 M.
ABI peak climbing 6097 M. Khongma-tse climbing 5849 M.
Yubra Himal peak climbing 6035 M. Ganja-la Chuli climbing 5844 M.
Yala peak climbing 5732 M. Pokhalde Peak climbing 5806 M.
Chhukung Ri peak climbing 5550 M. Mardi Himal climbing 5587 M.
Paldor Peak climbing 5896 .M
Garbage deposit for all 33 Peaks Hiunchuli Peak climbing 6441 M.
US$ 250.00 Refundable* Chulu East climbing 6584 M.

Royalty for Group “A” NMA Peaks

A. upto seven members (U.S Dollars) 500.00

B. Then each additional member upto 12 person (U.S. Dollars) 100.00

Royalty for Group “B” NMA Peaks

A. 1 to 4 Member US$ 350.00 only

B. 5 to 8 Member US$ 350.00 and additional US$40.00 per person

C. 9 to 12 Member US$ 510.00and additional US$ 25.00(per person)

Note: Maximum number of Peak Climbing members in each team is 12 only.