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Langtang national park - Gosaikunda lake

Langtang national park travel guide to visit Langtang Nepal

Langtang national park is the first Himalayan national parks established in 1976 and has great significance among its locals. National park covers an area of 1,710 sqkm, 26 village committees of Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Sindhulpalchok districts which are responsible for development, tGanja-La pass Trekking, Ganja-La pass langtanghis national park is highly attractive when it comes to flora and fauna and has some diverse ranges of vegetation and animals.

Langtang national park is connected with the national border of Nepal and Tibet and it has quite a healthy amount of high mountain ranges which may rise up to 7,245 meters. Langtang national park is home of six species of reptiles and 29 species of butterfly, 250 species of birds including Tibetan partridge, wood snipe, white-throated tit, wood accent or, and crimson-eared rose finch. This park is completely protected and can be considered to represent an Eco zone which makes the national park look very highly attractive.

Langtang national park travel guide

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The climate of the Langtang national park is very extreme and is highly affected by monsoons of the southwest summer which give the temperatures of this park an extreme turn. Summer’s here are warm and pleasant and winters are very chilly and freezing, this park doesn’t experience much precipitation and whatever precipitation it may receive is highly dependent on the months between June and September.Langtang valley trek Nepal during Langtang trek

Langtang Nepal has various different kinds of ecosystem which may extend to about 15 – 16 types and all of those are equally impressive. These ecosystems range on a vast region starting from upper tropical forest and ending at alpine scrub. Forest covers with different types of flowering plants like Oaks, Chir pine, maple, fir, blue pine, hemlock, spruce and various species of rhododendron make up the main. These vast lands full of different types of vegetation give the park a more natural feel in every way possible.

Highlights of Langtang national park are holy Lake Gosainkunda, wild animals like wild dog, red panda, Pika, munthac, musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Tahr, ghoral, serow, rhesus monkey common langur, snow leopard etc. So if you plan to visit Nepal then the best place in Nepal where you can experience all its nature and all its natural landscapes is the Langtang national park.

It is highly attractive and has the best mountain ranges which are completely exotic and the vast expansion of land with some really cool birds and animals make your trip worthwhile allowing you to feel the beauty of Nepal and see all its attractiveness in a single scenario without having to face much of an hassle.

Langtang Nepal is the unspoiled national park situated North of Kathmandu, easily accessible highland sanctuary from the capital, one of the perfect destinations for trekking, climbing, hiking, tours and bird watching etc. If you need more information about local travel guide Langtang Nepal fell free to contact us.