The best things to do and places to visit in Lumbini Nepal

Things to do in Lumbini - Attractions places to visit in Lumbini

Tourist attractions things to do and places to visit in Lumbini Nepal

Popular things to do in Lumbini and the tourist attraction of this important pilgrimage destinations are many. Lumbini is the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama who becomes Gautama Buddha and founded the Buddhism. Lumbini is the pilgrimage site Buddhist situated Rupandehi district Nepal.

Lumbini is one of four magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha, the others being at Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya, and Sarnath, the sites of his birth, Enlightenment, First Discourse and death. All these events happened outside in nature under trees.

Highlights of Lumbini garden are Mayadevi temple and Puskarini or Holy Pond where the Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth and where he, too, had his first bath, as well as the remains of Kapilvastu palace. Lumbini has got its origin from the pilgrimage and because of its beautiful nature all around the place has numerous places to visit Nepal.

Popular Things to do in Lumbini

Maya devi temple
Maya Devi, mother of Siddhartha Gautama, gave birth to the child on her way to her parent’s home in Devadaha while taking rest in Lumbini under a tree in the month of May in the year 642 B.C. The beauty of Lumbini is described in Pali and Sanskrit literature.

Maya Devi it is said was spellbound to see the natural grandeur of Lumbini. Lumbini Nepal is a popular city because of its culture, heritage and the birth place of Buddha. The place has also been popular for its culture throughout the world. Visit Mayadevi temple and lumbini garden to know where and when Buddha was born history.

Explore monasteries
Monastic zone of lumbini garden is another popular thing to see in lumbini. There are many Buddhist monasteries and stupas build by the Buddhist religion delivers’ society from different country of the world. The place is marked by the Buddhism and its disciple, pilgrimage site because of its Buddhist tradition

World peace pagoda
Peace pagoda at lumbini spring the message of peace in the world. It is one of the top attractions of Lumbini garden. Lumbini attractions are very much pleasing to watch and witness their culture and tradition.

Eternal peace flame
It is believe that the Eternal peace flame was burning for peace and prosperity in the world. Most of the pilgrims and tourist visit lumbini visit this site.

International museum and research center
The Lumbini research institute and International museum is also located at the holy site. Most of the historic information, pictures, and arts are collected in this place.

Biking to explore around
Lumbini garden, Mayadevi temple, Ashoka pillar and Puskarini are the main attractions and places to visit in lumbini. Plain region of Nepal and the surrounding village people and their lifestyle exploration is another best thing to do in lumbini. Traveler from around the world visit lumbini garden around by biking.

Practice meditation at Lumbini garden is the main attraction of Lumbini trip. If you cannot practice mediation in the birth place of Buddha your trip is not successful.

Sightseeing tours in Lumbini
The things to do in Lumbini is tours at lumbini it is the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama who became a Buddha and promote Buddhism in the world. All holidays packages Nepal include the trip to Lumbini which is one of the most popular tourist’s destinations in Nepal.  Every year more than 400000 visitors visit Lumbini. The visitors get the opportunity to learn about the birth place of Lord Buddha.

Visiting the vibrant city of Lumbini is a prominent part of all trips to Nepal. Lumbini garden the birth place of Buddha got its popularity from the tourism and due to the beautiful places. Lumbini Garden the birthplace of the Lord Buddha – the apostle of peace and the light of Asia, visit once in life time with local Lumbini travel guide Nepal.