Mount Dhaulagiri I facts the seventh highest mountain of Planet

Mount Dhaulagiri

Mount Dhaulagiri I 8,167 seventh highest peak of the world

Mount Dhaulagiri I is situated in Dhaulagiri zone the northwest of Myagdi district west central part of Nepal in south Asia. It is the 7th highest peak of the world. Mount Dhaulagiri is one among the most formidable the Himalayan peaks to climb and its altitude from the sea level is 8167m.

Name of this peak comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words “Dhawala” (means dazzling, beautiful, white) and “Giri” (means Mountain), The beautiful mountain. It is a very interesting mountain peak and for 7000 m, it rises over the Kali Gandaki valley with horizontal length of 30 km.

Since the routes to Dhaulagiri I are technically challenging, only seasoned mountaineers take the risk of climbing this peak. The climbers have made their attempts from all directions.

Adventure tours in Dhaulagiri

Dhaulagiri base camp trek                                       Around Dhaulagiri trek
Ghorepani poon hill trek                                           Dhorpatan hunting trek
Kaligandaki valley trek                                               Churen himal trek
Jaljala pass trek                                                                Annapurna trek

Dhaulagiri with 5 ridges and south and west faces raise 4000m from the Italian, Swiss and French base camps. This facilitates developing of many routes. So far about 360 climbers could climb this summit. The trekking to this area is a highly exciting trip. Mount Dhaulagiri I facts the seventh highest mountain of Planet

First Expedition was made in May 13, 1960 by Kurt Diemberger, Peter Diener, Ernst Forrer, Albin Schelbert, Nyima Dorji and Nawang Dorji, members of Swiss/Austrian expedition team using Northeast ridge route leads by Max Eiselin. This was the first summit attempt supported by a fixed-wing aircraft.

Northeast ridge is the Normal Route for expedition but ascents have been made from almost every direction. Italian base camp offers impressive views of Dhaulagiri I, II, III, IV and V; taking a day to rest, acclimatize, explore and fully absorb the beauty of surrounding peaks then heading towards North base camp.

Base Camp Excursion organize trek and expeditions provide efficient service to the mountaineers at the base camp. From Kathmandu to the base camp and also during the climb, the climbers are provided with all kinds of services so as to make it a comfortable summit.

The original route to Dhaulagiri made by the Swiss-Austrian group of mountaineers in the year 1960 is still considered as the normal route. There will be 4 camps for this trekking. The advance base camp is at a height of 5300m and due to the danger of avalanche; this camp is not used for overnight stay.

However, the normal route is considered comparatively much better in view of moderate avalanche danger and short sections of technical climbing. Trekkers and climbers take the drive to Beni Bazaar from Pokhara then trek to reach the Advance base camp.

This trekking region is closer to Pokhara and less populated trekking destination of Nepal. Most of the treks required previous high altitude alpine hiking experience with excellent physical condition. If you need more information about Mount Dhaulagiri Nepal fell free to contact us.