Female travelling alone to Nepal advice for solo tours Asia

Female travelling alone to Nepal - Solo women travel

Tips for solo women, female travelling alone to Nepal Asia

Nepal is a 99.9 % safe country for solo female travelers but always you have to take normal safety measures when traveling everywhere. We are specialists to organize Nepal trip for women’s; travelling to Nepal the Himalayas organize different solo girls travel tours package with women guides on request.Student holidays Nepal trips

There are some dreams that are cherished by the urban woman career; education and the prospect of traveling the world come up quite high on the list. If you are a female travelling alone to Nepal, Asia, the following tips will come in handy when you are about to embark on your trip. While traveling the world with the mindset women solo travel best might sound adventurous, with preparation you can make sure it is smooth sailing as well.

Solo women tour packages for single travel girl in Nepal are listed here; choose suitable package tours then let us to know. We arrange package tours, accommodation that suitable for single travelers of all budgets from five star deluxe hotels to small cozy guesthouses as per your desire and duration of holidays.

Female travelling alone to Nepal packages

Lumbini sightseeing                               Bhaktapur sightseeing
Pokhara sightseeing                            Kathmandu sightseeing
Everest hiking                                         Annapurna hiking
Nagarkot hiking                                     Pokhara hiking
Kathmandu hiking                                Everest view trek
Gokyo lake trek                                    Everest base camp trek
Poon hill trek                                          Upper mustang trek
Annapurna circuit trek                   Kanchenjunga base camp trek
Annapurna base camp trek        Tamang heritage trek
Manaslu circuit trek                        Helambu trek
Langtang valley trek                       Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan tour
Kathmandu Pokhara tour           Buddhist pilgrimage tour
Nepal and Tibet tours                   Nepal and Bhutan tours
Nepal Tibet Bhutan tours          Bird watching tours
Lumbini tour                                       Muktinath tour
Heritage tours                                  Kathmandu tours
Family tours                                       Temple tour
Sunrise tour                                        Pokhara tour
Nepal tours
Given packages are suitable for solo travel girls of all ages, capabilities and backgrounds traveling by themselves for business and pleasure.

Solo travel tours for single girl travel to Nepal

Solo female travelers have many optional and best destinations to tour, travel and trek in Nepal. Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara and Lumbini sightseeing tours gives fun, challenging, vivid, safe and exhilarating lifetime experience of Solo travel in Nepal. Kathmandu offers a large variety of monasteries and monuments to give you a large taste of the culture of the country.

You can also visit other mid-level urban areas to visit the popular libraries and temples in the area. These are some of the most popular choices for solo vacations single female traveling alone to Nepal If you do wish to take up popular treks such as the Annapurna circuit, EBC, ABC trek, book with us.

Packing according to the itinerary

Saipal himal expedition HimalayasIf you are on solo vacations single women traveling alone, you should pack lightly as you would be responsible for your own gear and might not always get porter services in areas that you visit. You should also make up a rough itinerary complete with the expected weather conditions and pack accordingly, don’t forget to pack personal medical kit.

Research about country to prepare yourself

Even mountaineers who are training to scale the highest peak in the world focus on acclimatizing themselves to the process. Start by researching through library books or guidebooks at popular outdoor stores. Note down the most popular places to see in Nepal for women traveling alone and the peak seasons to visit them.

This will make sure that you are not ever truly alone as you can tag along in groups and enjoy safety in numbers. You can also look through safer routes through the country and prepare yourself with attest GPS gear to keep you well directed through your trip.

Solo women trekking in Himalaya Nepal

Solo trekking not recommends for any female traveler to the Himalayas because of the safety point of views, illness and accidents. It is better to search and find the travel mate or to join the group with fix departure with other trekking agency or hire a guide or porter for safety that helpful to know the local people, language, culture and lifestyle.

If you are travelling alone for the very first time, you should stay away from solo trekking and stick to the major city tours. These camps take care of pickups and drop offs as well as major details such as accommodations and food. Female travelling alone to Nepal then Book guided trekking with us, embarked upon in groups enjoy the Himalayan scenery safely; with a smile and without worries in spite of being a single lady/woman traveler. If you need customized solo women tours and travel package itinerary write us; we are happy to make you happier.