Mountain helicopter rescue service in Nepal Himalayas

Mountain helicopter rescue service in Nepal Himalaya

Mountain helicopter rescue service in Nepal Himalayas

Trekking or climbing the mountains in the Himalaya region is adventurous. During the trekking tours in high altitude, peak climbing the travelers are likely to face a lot of difficulties. One can have ailment, injuries or altitude sickness all of which require immediate medical attention.Mount Kanchenjunga base camp third highest mountain in the world

We arrange mountain helicopter rescue service in Nepal to provide immediate rescue as well as evacuation service anywhere in the Himalayas. We provide rescue service to expedition teams and trekkers who are sick, injured or suffering in critical condition need immediate helicopter service.

The rescue helicopter with reputable helicopter company and provide service in every corner of the Nepal. The rescue team are well trained, have good knowledge of geography as well as experienced about the types of accidents that can occur in mountain.

Helicopter rescue available area Himalayas

Everest trekking                                                 Annapurna trekking
Manaslu trekking                                               Langtang trekking
Kanchenjunga trek                                            Makalu trekking
Rowling trekking                                                Dhaulagiri trekking
Dolpo trekking                                                    Village trekking

The alpine rescue services in Nepal are well versed with the aviation sector of Nepal. Their 24/7 rescue team consists of dedicated professionals and they attend to the calls at any time and act immediately within the boundaries of Nepal.

If the visibility is good they provide helicopter rescue service within 1 hrs at any corners of Himalayas. Whenever trekkers, mountaineers or ordinary travelers are stranded high in the trekking routes, the rescue team immediately starts the rescue operations. Before starting the trekking trips to the Himalayas, make sure your health and travel insurance that covers or not.

Fill the form properly that provide by the company because when you are in mountain region well communication facility is not available, in case of emergency it helps to discuss your contact person and insurance to save from a dangerous situation.

Our helicopter service to save the life in Nepal will make all the arrangements that are required for operations. We arrange the rescue and evacuation flight service at the lowest possible rates. We are ready round-the-clock for field rescue and emergency evacuation and ensure to bring the stranded people safely to their homes. Remember us for 24 hrs mountain helicopter rescue service in Himalayas Nepal.