Overview of permit and fees for restricted area trekking in Nepal

Restricted area trekking - Control area trekking Nepal

Restricted area trekking in Himalayas

Trekking in controlled area offers really different experience because restricted area rarely touched by foreigner and decorated with attractive cultural heritage and natural diversity. Restricted area trekking will provide you the chance to understand mountains and cultures.

It requires special controlled area trekking permit issues from Nepal immigration office. Most of the controlled area trekking operates in camping basic there are not any lodges or tea houses. Three most popular controlled routes like Upper mustang, Maper mand Kanchenjunga trekking route has normal tea house facility available in most of the villages. There are many lodges in upper mustang trekking route they offer verity of facilities in tea houses.

Government of Nepal opened restricted area treks since Oct 1991 for foreign traveler. Some popular trekking trails of controlled areas listed here.

Restricted area trekking trails

Upper mustang trek                                         Upper dolpo trek
Lower dolpo trek                                                Manaslu circuit trek
Nar phu valley trek                                           Tsum valley trek
Limi valley trek                                                    Saipal base camp trek
Kanchenjunga base camp trek                  Lumba Sumba trek
Damodar kunda trek                                        Mustang teri la pass trek
Manaslu base camp trek                                Lapchi trek

Restricted area entry for foreigners is strictly controlled, by the immigration of Nepal. It is necessary to organize the controlled areas trekking through government registered trekking agency with special permit to enter these areas for foreigners. Trekking permit for restricted area is not issues for individual trekkers minimum number of trekkers is two person and necessary guide and staffs for trek in controlled area.

Most popular controlled trekking destinations of Nepal are  Mustang, Dolpo, Manaslu etc. Base Camp Excursion, Kathmandu, Nepal is a Government registered adventure company organize controlled area trekking in Nepal. Remember us for controlled area exploration trips to make it memorable forever. If you need more information about restricted area trekking routes fell free to contact us.