Detail information about home stay village trekking in Nepal

Village trekking in Nepal

Village trekking in Nepal

Nepal, the country of villages, most of people lives in village and of course enjoying with their own life style. Specially designed village trekking in Nepal or tours itinerary are to show the real Nepalese lifestyle lovely villagers, local culture and society. Nepal is the synonym of villages and mountains it is still unaffected modern civilization people live typically depending on farming.

People in a village continue their daily normal works and guests enjoy participating in the villagers activities. Nepal is a best known place for trekking. It has about eight highest peaks which has an altitude more than 8000m. It interests trekkers a lot as it is an ultimate place to have a great trekking experience in the life time. There are many popular tracks in Nepal that is especially meant for hiking. The most popular Mount Everest is being situated in Nepal.
Village trekking trips are usually offered in totally non-tourist areas as well as hilly region in Nepal. During hiking period, tourists would enjoy with local people, culture and their life leaving style in different destinations. There is certain period when trekking can more fun as well as a secure thing.

It is said that the month of October and November is completely meant for trekking in Nepal. Main festivals of Hindus falls in these months’ hikers get involve celebrating festivals in villages. The reason behind choosing a specific period is because of the monsoon. In the month of October to December the climate is quite pure and air is so fresh  that makes your trip amazing.

March and April can also be taken as a period of trek in Nepal as the climate is still better in those months. Walking off the beaten trails into remote as well as rural villages is unique experience, popular village trekking tour packages are listed below.

Village trekking in Nepal visit Himalayas

Bandipur village tour               Ghale gaun village trek
Guerrilla trek                                Chepang hill trek
Sherpa village trek                    Arun valley trek
Sirubari village trail                   Balthali village trek
Dhorpatan trek                            Kali gandaki valley trek

Village tourism is a new concept to empower the rural community differently. The contribution of travelers plays the main role to uplift the economic and social condition of remote villagers. Village trekking in Nepal are not only planning for international tourist but also for domestic visitors also and encourage exploring genuine rural villages where communities follow different religion and culture since immemorial time.

Helpful and friendly attitude of Nepali peoples aids to make sure that no one gets lost while trekking in villages Nepal. The friendly and hearty behaviors of the family members gives you a different experience that you have never enjoyed before. Village treks in Nepal can be organizing year round that give you to full experience of lovely villagers.

Let’s go for village trekking in Nepal to explore real Nepalese tradition and culture from the older generation in the countryside of Nepal. We organize village tours according to your desire and duration of holidays, if you need more information fell free to contact us.